Wrapping Up Warm For Winter

Wrapping Up Warm For WinterWe all know that for many people, wrapping up warm for winter means boring colours and quite often boring clothing. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this is the case for everyone because I know that is not true but…… Those days are gone my friend. With festival clothing you can be bright and colourful all year round.

So many of our customers tell us that wearing our clothing makes them feel happier in the winter. We have many older customers that have said before they found us they were wearing, what they called boring, clothing. They sincerely believe that wearing mundane clothing contributes to the winter blues. I wholeheartedly agree. It is said that the clothing we wear tends to mirror our environment which is why we all get a little sad when the days are shorter and the nights are longer. Throw in come cold weather and you have a lot of unhappy people. Brrr!

Bright festival clothing that makes you happy can help to banish SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder, AKA Winter Depression). Not only will it make you feel better about yourself and make you smile, it will make others happier too! Not only does it look great but, it is some of the most comfortable clothing that you will ever wear. As a result of this, what’s not to like!

Winter Warmers

We have some wonderfully warm festival clothing here for you. They will warm your body and the cockles of your soul. When I am having a bit of an off day, and the weather is miserable, I put on my favourite and most brightest clothing to cheer me up!

Such a great selection we have for you that we can warm you from your head to your toes (Anyone else singing head, shoulders, knees and toes? Nope just me then!) Moving swiftly on!
Lets start from the bottom up shall and we will have you wrapping up warm for winter in no time.

Lower BodyWrapping Up Warm For Winter - Fleece Lined Patchwork Trousers

Toes – keeping your feet warm is an important part of keeping the rest of you warm. This is why we have a lovely range of fleece lined wool socks for you. Long, short and mohair in a huge choice of colours to keep everyone happy. They have no grips on the bottom which means that care will need to be taken when on non carpeted flooring as it may be slippy. As an adult (and a big kid) I think it is great as I can slide around the house but just be careful.

Legs –  in all honesty all of our festival trousers will play a part in keeping you warm however, some are warmer than others. Take our acrylic trousers and our fleece lined trousers for example, super warm due to the materials used in the making. The acrylic that we use is the same used to make snuggly blankets and well, fleece lining is wonderfully warm.

Upper Body

Torso- to start with, everyone needs a base layer. Just for this occasion we have a great range of long sleeve tops for you. Once you have your base layer you will need something a touch warmer for when you decide to venture into the great outdoors… Why not try one of our wool jackets. Each and everyone is fleece lined for extra comfort and warmth. They all have hoods, some of them are removable. Some even have a nice high neck which tend to negate the need for scarves.

Wrapping Up Warm For Winter - Scarves and SnoodsNeck – for those of us who don’t have high neck jackets, we have some fabulous scarves and snoods for you. Wool, silk, cotton – you choose. It all depends on your mood and what you are planning to wear.

Hands – oh where would we be without gloves and wrist warmers eh? They are just perfect for keeping the frostbite from our fingers. Ok so an exaggeration…however, they do help with he cold I promise. We have a great range of fleece lined gloves for you. In the form of hand warmers, fingerless gloves and gloves that turn into mittens.

Head – last but not least, our heads bring us to our festival hats. What a wonderful selection of woollen hats we have just for you. Sherpa trapper hats, over the ear flap hats and even recycled silk dread hats.  There is something to suit all heads, large and small.

So, here are just a few of ideas of some of the things we have to get you wrapping up warm for winter. Whatever you wear, make sure that it makes you happy and keeps you snug!!