The festival Clothing Company have a great selection of winter clothing ready to keep you warm and cosy this season.


Winter Festival Clothing

We all love keeping warm during the winter, we also all love wearing clothes that look great and help us express who we are. Our range of winter festival clothing will keep you nice and snug as well as keep you in the funky styles and colours that are associated with festival clothing.

winter-festival-clothing-wool-jacketWool Winter Clothing

Some of the best winter festival clothing is handmade using natural wool. Wool is breathable helping to regulate humidity as well as being fire retardant, of course not forgetting that it is also nice and warm. Wool has been used for winter clothing for approximately 10,000 years and we are proud to keep this alive with our range of wool jackets, jumpers and accessories including hats, gloves and scarves.

All our wool clothing items are handmade in Nepal from New Zealand lambs wool. To help make your winter a warmer place many of our woollen products come with a polar fleece lining. This is a man made lining which has super thermal properties and helps make your new winter jacket, hat or gloves even warmer.

Cotton Winter ClothingCotton-Winter-Festival-Jacket

Sometimes people over look cotton clothing during the colder seasons as they instantly think that wool is the only way to stay warm. With lined cotton jackets you’d be a fool to write them off, fleece lining can turn a humble jacket into something much more durable and winter ready and so should not be missed. Thankfully we love this style of jacket and so during the winter season we stock even more great looking unisex jackets that are just waiting to make your festival wardrobe even more colourful. Don’t forget our great range of cotton ponchos, these make great additions to your outfit as they add a nice layer of material.

acrylic-winter-clothingAcrylic Winter Clothing

Also known as cashmilon this type of blanket material is perfect when it comes to helping keep you warm. Made from man made fibres this kind of material has great thermal properties when it comes to keeping you warm. As the popularity of this warm material has increased so has the different types of clothing you can now find made from the stuff. For example blankets, tops, jackets, scarves, trousers, dresses and skirts but to name a few can now be found in bright colourful acrylic. SO if you are looking to stay nice and warm this winter then make sure you consider the great benefits of cashmilon.