Why You Need a Poncho at a Festival

When it comes to festival clothing the festival poncho is one piece of clothing that should be in everyone’s festival clothing kit. This versatile piece of clothing is perfect for people who like camping, sitting around camp fires or walking around festivals late at night. Lets take a look at Why You Need a Poncho at a Festival.

Why You Need a Poncho at a Festival

The poncho has been around for a long time and originates in South America. This wonderful garment is essentially a piece of material with a hole cut in the centre for the head to pass through. The sides are left open and there are no sleeves. The simplicity of this item of clothing is one of the things that makes it so popular amongst festival goers, with its easy to wear no messing around style you’ll want to add this great bit of clothing to your festival clothing outfit.

Easy to wear

Why You Need a Poncho at a Festival

Ponchos are really easy to wear. Because they are one piece of material with a hole for your head they can be thrown on really quickly. This means if it’s starting to get a little on the chilly side you can pull out your poncho and start benefiting from the warmth without messing around with zips and buttons. Because ponchos are made as pullover garments you won’t need to mess around with the clothing you are already wearing as a poncho will just sit on top of whatever you already have on. With the light weight acrylic versions you’ll be able to have one rolled up quite small to carry in a bag. The thicker cotton or wool ponchos might have to wait at the tent until they are needed.


With several different materials used in the production of these wonderful festival clothing items you’re sure to keep nice and warm. Cotton is a popular material as a thick weave material is produced which makes for a heavy finished product. Wool whether it is lambs or alpaca is also a popular choice but, at a summer festival you might find it could be a little too warm. Acrylic is a fantastic material for your poncho, this material is not only lightweight but can be rolled quite small to fit into rucksacks.

Hooded version

Why You Need a Poncho at a Festival

With so many variations you’ll be spoilt for choice. We recommend the hooded version of this garment as the hood adds an extra protection against the cold. As night draws in you’ll start to feel a little chilly, by putting your hood up you’ll get an extra boost at keeping the heat in. Also we think this style looks pretty awesome as well.


Some of the diamond shaped ponchos have no pocket on the front, this is not an issue for this style as they still look amazing and are more suited to cooler summer days instead of the colder night time. However the front kangaroo style pocket which can be found on acrylic and cotton ponchos are perfect for keeping your hands warmer as you stomp the festival site or relax around the campfire.

Goes with anything

One of the biggest draws to the festival poncho is the simple fact it goes with absolutely anything. That’s right we said they go with anything. We really think they do as well, yes even your prom dress although this is probably not something you’ll want to wear to a festival. There is just something quite cool about throwing one of these over your head and just getting on with having fun. There is no messing around, no thoughts about whether it will match with your other festival clothes, because for some reason they just go with everything.

Use as blanket

As if these awesome items weren’t already great enough did you know you can use them as a blanket? The larger ponchos are so nice and big that you can lay them out on the ground and hay presto you have a picnic blanket. The rectangle shaped ponchos are best suited for this as they have a larger surface area (compared to the diamond shaped versions). We would recommend the cotton or acrylic material and we would only recommend using your poncho as a blanket when the ground is dry otherwise you’ll only soak up that water and then have nothing to thrown on later in the day when the sun starts to drop.

Great for everyone


There is nothing to stop anyone and everyone wearing one of these great pieces of clothing. They are made in many different shapes and colours making them perfect as mens festival clothing or womens festival clothing. With the added bonus that many of the styles fit a wide range of sizes due to the throw over the head nature of the clothing. These really are a must have when it comes to hitting your favourite festival.