Why is the Mexican Jerga the Hoodie of Choice?
When it comes to festival clothing the festival hoodie is one of those items that should be a part of any festival goers kit. Without a doubt the one hoodie that stands head and shoulders above all the rest is the fantastic Mexican Jerga Hoodie or Baja Hoodie. This far travelled hoodie is found at festivals throughout the world and with good reason to. We have to say those taco loving Mexicans really hit a home run with these tops. Lets find out Why the Mexican Jerga is the Hoodie of Choice.

What is the Mexican Jerga Hoodie?

When it comes to hoodies there is one that has stood the test of time better than another other. The Mexican Jerga hoodie made its way into the United States in the 1970’s and since then has spread throughout the world. We have those crazy surfers to thank for first spotting these wonderful garments and bringing them back with them when they visited Baja California in Mexico.

These hoodies are known as part of cholo style and are traditionally worn by Mexican and American-Mexican youths, predominately its the young men who wear these hoodies but young ladies are also known to wear them. As these tops were so popular with the younger Mexicans the surfers noticed them and saw how great they were. It wasn’t long before those long hair beach bums were chilling out after catching waves and wearing these hoodies to keep cool as the sun went down.

The Mexican Baja Hoodie is normally made from a mix of cotton and acrylic and comes in all manner of colours. It should be noted that they can also be made from recycled materiel like old shirts or other clothing items but for the most part are produced from woven material.

The style is normally a loose fitting top with long sleeves, front kangaroo pocket and hood. There are also non functional draw strings to add some style, these draw strings are made from the same material as the rest of the garment and are thicker than your normal string style draw strings.

Patterns that are often used are simple stripe patterns containing at least two colours often different shades of the same colour or you will find that contrasting colours are used to create a more interesting design. Keeping it simple is one reason these tops have lasted so long as this simply approach has meant they are appealing to a wider audience.
Why is the Mexican Jerga the Hoodie of Choice?

Drug Culture

The Mexican Baja Jerga is defiantly caught up in the drug culture thanks to the hippie movement and the surfers who first started wearing them. Surfing and smoking certainly went hand in hand back in the 70’s and was one reason people would flock to the Mexican shore to surf. This association gave the hoodie a rather unfortunate name, the ‘drug rug’. Of course nowadays these hoodies are worn by all types of people from rockers and bikers to hippies and hipsters. Festival clothing is really about being comfortable and so it doesn’t matter who you are. These items are just so god damn comfortable you’ll want to make sure you own one no matter your background.

Why is the Mexican Jerga the Hoodie of Choice?

The reason that these hoodies have stood the test of time so well is because they are one of the most comfortable tops you can throw on. Those surfer dudes back in the 70’s knew what they were talking about and although you might call them stoners, lay about’s or hippies they sure knew a good hoodie when they found one. The soft lightweight material is great for wearing on the beach when you’ve just caught a wave. They are great for wearing around festivals as their easy to wear style fits in well with the laid back festival lifestyle.

Features which make the Mexican Jerga Great

There are some simple yet effective features that make these the festival hoodie of choice.

Lightweight Cosy Material

Because these hoodies are light weight they are perfect for adding to your festival kit. When worn you don’t feel like you are wearing a big heavy top but still benefit from the warmth the mixture of cotton and acrylic provides. During the cooler days this top is fantastic as its light and so gives you that extra layer of warmth without suffocating you. What’s more is the material is so soft it really does feel like your wearing a blanket.


Have a hood is always great, especially when you are hitting the festival late at night. When it comes to heat loss a large amount of heat is lost through your head (especially if you’re a slap head like me) and so having a top with a hood is a great way to help keep the heat in.

Front Pocket

The front kangaroo pocket found on these hoodies is perfect for keeping your hands warm. The pocket is made perfectly big enough to accommodate both your hands. Of course you could use the pocket to keep things but with all the jumping around people do at festivals you might end up losing things.

So many Colours and Sizes

The simple striped style of these hoodies is one reason so many people are drawn to them. There are many colours and sizes to suit people of all size groups. You’ll be spoilt for choice and end up owning more than one of these fantastic tops.


Boy do these have a style. When you think of festivals these are the tops that come to mind, and there is a reason for that. They are just so laid back that you want to wear one and have a beer and watch some bands. Most people can’t get away with wearing these in normal everyday work life but at a festival they are just the best.

Young or old, small or large it really doesn’t matter. These Mexican Jerga’s should be in everyone’s festival clothing kit. They are warm, stylish and one of the most comfortable items of festival clothing you can own. With so many colours you’ll be able to find one that fits in well with your style. So what you waiting for? Grab one today and start feeling the benefits.