When it comes to great looking festival clothing, patchwork designs sit at the top of the must have list. The reasonis simple; patchwork clothing is fun, funky and so unique that even if you bump into someone that has the same style item as you, they will never be exactly the same. This is because patchwork is made up of random patches of material.
patchwork-Material, Why is Patchwork Clothing so Great?


So why is patchwork clothing so great?

Well as mentioned above the fact that the item of clothing is always going to be unique is a big plus for wearing this style of clothing. Although some people love to wear branded clothing that displays logos or clothing that has the same printed design duplicated exactly the same on each item, there are a large group of people who want something that is exclusively unique to them. Patchwork clothing really is the direction to go as it ends up being different every single time.

Reduces waste
When it comes to saving money and reducing waste for producers in Nepal, India, Thailand and Indonesia patchwork clothing really helps with reducing waste. There are always going to be cut offs from the production of clothing, the bigger cuts can be used for patchwork clothes whereas the smaller cut offs are used for things like embroidery detail. Helping reduce clothing waste is not just a great way to help the producers save money but it helps reduce the amount of cloth that gets sent to land fill, so happy days.


Because this style of clothing uses small patches of cloth, our producers are able to take pieces of used clothing like Indian sari’s and create whole new product lines. Sari’s are made from a mixture of silk and man made synthetic material. If a garment has a hole or something that would render the garment unusable then it can easily be recycled into patchwork clothing as the material can be cut and the the good parts used. This form of up cycling or recycling is great for the environment and perfect for producers who are able to purchase cloth at a reduced rate.  Why throw your clothing away when it can be turned into something brand new. Just to put your mind at ease all recycled clothes that are used in the production of new items are washed prior to being used.

Is Patchwork Clothing Right for me?

Yes of course it is! Patchwork clothing is perfect for anyone who wants to wear something a little different from the norm. It doesn’t even have to be overly bright as patchwork clothing can be made from any material.  Men, women and children of all ages love this style of clothing with some people even making their own designs, like this patchwork panel skirt found on sewcanshe’s website.

So if you are looking to standout from the crowd or have some old clothes lying around that could be used to create something special then think about including patchwork in your life, you’ll not regret it.