When is it Time for Festival Clothing?

Festival clothing is not just for festival season. I know that some of you might be thinking “what’s he talking about?” but this kind of clothing is great all year around. I guess I better explain myself.

Summer festival clothing

Festival-Sun-HatsMany of the wonderful items we sell on our festival clothing website are perfect for wearing during the summer months or on beach holidays. Festival clothing isn’t just about clothing that can be worn at your favourite festy. With items such as our fantastic sun hats which are just perfect for taking on beach holidays. Don’t forget the UK does have some good summers and you’ll find your hat very useful during the warm summer days.

Our shorts and thin cotton trousers can be easily rolled up and taken away on holiday. They can also be worn throughout the rest of the summer (yes as long as we have a nice warm one). They are so versatile that they go with many of our tops and so you can easily chop and change which outfits to match them with.

Our biggest summer sellers are our range of crop tops. These are perfect for women who want to keep cool all Festival-Crop-Topssummer, so don’t just throw them in a draw after your festival is over as they can be worn all summer long. Not to mentioned that when it gets a bit cooler they can always be worn under other warmer garments. This means you can show off your fantastic top when you get into the pub or club by shedding your warmer layers.

During the summer days our ponchos are perfect for using as picnic blankets. Any of the ponchos that fold out would work great for this. When night comes and you feel a little chilly you can give it a shake and throw it on to help keep you warm.

Winter festival clothing

Festival-Wool-JacketsNow all those warm wool clothing bits and bobs you purchased to walk around the festival late at night can be reborn for use during the winter months. With the fleece lined jackets and woollen jumpers made perfectly to help keep you warm during the winter months. Those warm wool gloves and scarves will certainly help when the snow comes down.

Summer dresses and skirts can be worn pretty much all year with a little tweak in the outfit. For example matching a pair of thick tights with a skirt during the colder months means that you can wear your festival skirt all year around.  A dress can have a warm shrug added during the colder months making your summer dress a winter hit.


Those t-shirts that looked so good during the summer months can still be put to good use during the winter. Worn under a warm wool jacket they add an extra layer. When you get inside you can shed the wool jacket and show off your much loved t-shirt.

If you find yourself camping and you need an extra layer of warmth at night then you can always use the poncho you were wearing. Yep that’s right they can be used as a blanket over your sleeping bag. This will give you some extra warmth, any of the ponchos that fold out would work great.

Say yes to festival clothes

Festival clothes are a great way to express yourself all year around. Wearing clothing you like the look and feel of shouldn’t just be something you do once or twice a year. Embrace being different and you will enjoy things so much more. Being yourself is something that makes you happy and your clothing is a big step towards that happieness.

When you purchase festival clothing think about ways it can be used all year as you can get so much use out of these items. We do try and make suggestions within the items description as we want you guy to get the use out your new garments.  You’ll never want to take them off.