What's the Biggest Festival in the UK?

Music festivals have become big business here in the UK with hundreds of events held from early spring to late summer. These festivals range in size from small village events held on the village green up to the biggest green field festival in the UK which is held on a site measuring 1.7 square miles.

Festivals have become popular because they offer a joy of live music mixed with outside summer vibes in a safe and entertaining setting. With a wide choice in food, music, comedy and other entertainment from around the world.

During the festival weekend these places become mini cities with their own life and soul. There are few places where people from all walks of life can mix so freely and enjoy so much. So What’s the Biggest Festival in the UK?

What’s the Biggest Festival in the UK?


I think it’s no surprise that the longest running green fields festival is still the largest. Glastonbury festival which was started in 1970 and originally cost a meagre £1 to enter is the largest UK festival attracting 140,000 people to the site in 2019.

Ticket prices are a far cry from the original one pound entry fee with Glastonbury being one of the more expensive festivals on the UK calendar. Tickets sit around £250 price mark. This festival of festivals has certainly stood the test of time and is renowned throughout the world as one of the must go to festivals on the planet.

Second Biggest UK Festival

T in the Park was the second largest festival but due to some issues the festival closed it’s doors. Its last festival was in 2016 but due to the death of three festival goers as well as other issues in the campsite including anti-social behaviour problems the festival was to be no more.  TRNSMT is now held on the same weekend as the old T in the Park and has a large attendance of around 120000. This is Scotland’s biggest festival and this year has some tops acts from the popular music scene.

Third Biggest UK Festival

The rock and metal festival of choice comes in third place as the 2nd largest UK festival. Download Festival is the most popular rock festival in the UK. This hard rock festival brings the rock community together once a year with some of the best rock and metal from past and present artists.

Forth Biggest UK Festival

V Festival would have filled this spot a few years ago but Richard Branson pulled sponsorship from the festival so the 2018 event was stopped before it even got going. This means that the Twin festivals of Reading and Leeds take the forth place slot. For a long time Reading Festival was known as Reading Rocks but as time changes so does the festival. Knowing that they can make more money from teenagers the organisers decided to start mixing in more popular music phasing out the heavier rock elements. There are still rock acts at the festival but the line up tends to vary across many platforms now giving a wider choice to the audience.

Fifth Biggest UK Festival

The world of electronic dance music is massive. We all love a good dance and so Creamfields does very well as one of the largest UK festivals and the biggest electronic music festival in the UK.

Sixth Biggest UK Festival

The Isle of Wight festival is another festival that dates back to the 60’s. It became so out of hand that is was stopped in 1971 when the island council prevent open air gatherings of 5000 or more without a licence. The great news was that this festival made it back onto the festival scene in 2002 and has been going strong ever since.

Seventh and Eighth Biggest UK Festival

BoomTown Festival started in 2009 and has some pretty fantastic stages that are artfully created. Each stage is situation in a zone and so it themed to match the name of the zone. This is one interesting festival as it really wants to create something unique and out of this world. You’re sure to feel like you’re not really walking round a green field but are in some pretty strange locations. You really get good bang for your buck with the 5 day music event.  Wireless festival which is run by Live Nation is a London music festival which although originally was modelled on rock and pop music has moved in the direction of hip hop and urban style music. Its a great event in the heart of London.

Ninth and Tenth Biggest UK Festival

The two last festivals are definitely noteworthy and should not be dismissed. Both Latitude and Bestival although on the smaller scale are still excellent festivals with great line ups that are perfect for any festival goer. Latitude tends to have a great selection of popular music that goes down well with the crowd. Bestival or Camp Bestival was originally held on the Isle of Wight but has since moved to Dorest. It swings slightly more in the direction of dance with pop acts thrown in as well.

Festivals Continue to grow

With festival attendance growing all the time with figures around the 14 million mark for festival attendances each season, it’s no wonder festivals continue to pop up all throughout the UK. Small local sustainable festivals are becoming increasing popular amongst small communities, this includes events like beer festivals as well as small town music festivals. This is the grassroots of all festivals as the big ones tend to start small and get larger over time.

It’s not often a new larger festivals pops on the scene because the market is so over saturated and so finding dates and locations to hold a massive event is becoming increasing hard to do. The other issue that comes with so many festivals is the variety of acts that appear. You will find that many acts end up playing many of the festivals throughout the season and this can lead to a slow down of ticket sales as a customer who might have gone to a couple of events will only go to one if the same acts are going to be at the different events. Of course if you have a festival that is local to you then you’re more likely to stay local instead of travelling miles to see the same band.

Festival Clothing

Festival clothing has become increasingly popular for festival goers. The idea of throwing on something a little out of the ordinary seems to strike a cord with people. So when it comes to hitting one of these festivals you’ll want to make sure you have your festival clothing sorted. The great thing about festivals are the fantastic mix of people you will find. People from all walks of life converge on festivals and this means that you will see a great mix of styles. Whether you’re at Glastonbury having a dance to a pop or rock legend or getting your kicks to the latest electronic dance music at Creamfields you should make sure you have the right festival clothing.

The capacity mentioned are ticket sales and do not included staff, bands etc which can add another 25% to the actual amount of people who are onsite during the festival weekend.