What Should I Wear To A Festival?
When it comes to festival clothing there are a few must haves like wellies and sunglasses. Otherwise the rest is down to how you feel most comfortable. If you don’t have a clue where to start then we’ll get you moving in the right direct by making sure you know what to wear at a festival.

What Should I Wear To A Festival?

Festival clothing comes in a variety of different styles from the clothing that will help you stay cool in the day time to the warmer clothing that will help you stay nice and cosy at night. Don’t forget to expect rain as the British summer time just wouldn’t be the same without a bit of the wet stuff.

Festival Clothing Essentials

There are a couple of clothing items that you should always take to a festival, you might not need them all the time but forget them you’re sure to regret it. These items include the things that are going to keep you dry or warm. Items you can add extra style to by adding your own decoration –  like using paints on the wellies and jackets, just make sure to opt for waterproof paints.

-The humble wellington boot

What Should I Wear To A Festival? - Wellies

Before the festival scene started to get big these items of footwear were reserved for farmers and people who lived in the country. However nowadays they are the top of the list when it comes to festival clothing. These simple yet effective items are lifesavers when the rain comes down and the mud starts piling up. Don’t leave these at home as you’ll regret it big time. Wellies are starting to arrive in more fun colours but at the end of the day the best wellie is the pair that is most comfortable so go for comfort over style any day. Make sure you also pop a long pair of thick socks in your bag to wear with your wellies, this will stop the rubbing against your leg if you plan to wear shorts.

-Waterproof Jacketwaterproof-festival-jacket

It’s not going to set any fashion trends but it will keep you dry when the rain comes pouring down. The best kind of rain mac is one that is lightweight and easy to fold away. That way when the sun pops out again you’ll be able to pop the jacket in your bag and carry on as if nothing has happened. I don’t think colour is really important when it comes to rain jackets, just make sure it does the job you want it to do.

-Hoodie | Jumper | Jacket | Poncho

When the sun goes down its going to get cold so you’ll want something that can help keep the cold at bay. A hoodie is a good shout as it also helps to keep you warm during the day if the rain comes along (under your rain jacket of course). But hoodies tend to be thinner than say a wool jumper or lined jacket. At the end of the day if you have room take a couple of options. A poncho is always a great shout as its like wearing a blanket –  get the variety with a hood and you can’t go wrong.


Pick a hat that is going to look good with any clothing you’re going to wear. When that sun comes out you’re going to need something stylish to help keep those burning rays from giving you sun stroke.


Forget these at your peril. There is nothing worse then walking around a festival squinting. When that sun comes a calling you want to make sure you’re protected and can actually see the bands you’ve come to watch. Sunglasses thankfully go with all outfits so pick a pair you love and maybe throw a spare pair in your bag just in case.

Now we have the essentials out the way we can concentrate on the rest of the clothing. Most festivals are held from late spring time to late summer so the weather for the most part is warm, however you’ll want an outfit that also looks good with warmer additions (jumper, hoodie etc). There are no hard and fast rules for what to wear at a festival. Going with comfortable, funky looking clothing is a good start. Here are a few ideas:

What Should I Wear To A Festival? Ladies

The ladies really do have the pick of the festival clothing. With so many styles available there really is an endless combination of clothing to wear at the next festival. What makes it even better for women is the fact that they can also dip into the men’s clothing section to find inspiration. Some men’s shirts go great with shorts or skirts. We are going to take a look at a few simple clothing ideas that women can wear at festivals.

-Shorts and Blouse

A classic look at any festival is the jean shorts (or any shorts) and blouse combination. With so many different blouses, crop tops, vest tops and tunics to choose from you’ll be able to find a great combination that suits your style. You can wear a bikini top under the blouse so if the weather permits you can undo your top and catch some rays. Pair with a funky looking hat to help keep the sun off your head.



-Summer Dress

Whats a summer festival without a summer dress? With so many lightweight flowing dresses available you’re sure to find one that makes you feel great. We have a great range of short and long dresses from our wonderful rayon dresses to our unique pixie hem recycled sari dresses. If you feel its getting a little cold you can always add a pair of tights or a pair of trousers. A shrug or open shirt would also look great.



-Skirt and Blouse/Vest Top

The skirt and blouse combination works a real treat. With our tie dye example the long skirt works really well with the funky tie dye vest top. With so many different styles of festival skirts to suit your style you’ll be able to rock out in style this festival season.



-Harem Trousers and Blouse Top

Harem trousers are a great piece of festival clothing. They are comfortable fun and look great. With a wide range of colours and styles including patchwork and patterned varieties you are sure to find a colour and style that works well with any blouse top you have.



You might think that popping on a nice pair of heals goes will with your outfit or a nice pair of sandals. Although you might be right regarding style you’d be wrong when it comes to spending any time at a festival. With lots of walking you’d be better of wearing a nice pair of sturdy flat shoes, sore feet can be a real killer at a festival so look after your feet and wear some good shoes. These outfits also go great with wellies so don’t be shy and get your wellies out.

What Should I Wear To A Festival? Gents

When it comes to selecting some to wear for a festival the guys have a pretty easy job. We are quite happy with simple combinations like shorts and shirts or jeans and t-shirt. Of course we can mix things up with hoodies and ponchos as these items look great when you are chilling out.

-Shorts and Unbuttoned Shirt

The classic shorts and shirt combination works so well with most people. With a button shirt worn open over a t-shirt you can raelly add some colour to your festival outfit by picking colours that work well together. To mix things up wear a tie dye t-shirt or patchwork shorts with a plain shirt. Or jazz up the shirt by selecting something that is a bit more fun but keep the sorts and t-shirt simple. Throw on a hat and you’re good to go.

-Jeans and T-Shirt

If you’re not a shorts guy then maybe you need to go with the jeans and t-shirt look. Jeans are a great go to item of clothing. There isn’t much a pair of jeans doesn’t go with so if in doubt just throw a pair of jeans on and look at a funky t-shirt to brighten up the outfit. We have a nice selection of tie die, dashiki and other t-shirts that will liven up your clothing selection. If you want some trousers that are little more fun then checkout our trousers collection.

-Shorts and Hoodie

Sticking with the theme of shorts we are adding a hoodie to the mix. Hoodies are a firm festival favourite. They look great, feel great and are perfect for when the temperature drops a little. With a nice hood to help keep the cold away or during sunny periods this can be used to help protect from the sun. Might get a little warm though. The Mexican Jerga is a popular hoodie choice for festival goers. This tops go great with shorts or trousers.


Another festival favourite is the poncho. They are great for throwing on and wondering around any festival. The go with practically anything your wearing and help keep the cold at bay during the evening bands. During the day you can also use them as blankets, just make sure the ground is dry before you put your precious poncho on the ground.


Flat shoes that are sturdy will see you through a festival much better than sandals as sandals offer little to no support. Of course you have your wellies as back up if things get too wet.

Looking for some unique clothing ideas?

We are a festival clothing company which means we specialise in fun and funky clothing. If you are looking for festival clothing items that are brighter and more colourful then your normal high street clothes then we are the place to come.