When it comes picking your next festival clothing outfit us guys can have just as much choice as the ladies but unlike the ladies we tend to like to keep things simple. Sometimes we might get bogged down with over thinking about our next outfit but, you really don’t need to think too hard when it comes to looking good at your next festival. Lets take a look at some simple but effective ideas for what guys should wear to a festival.

Festival season 2020

The summer festival season is nearly upon us and although the biggest festival of the year has cancelled due to the coronvirus outbreak we still have many festivals that are going ahead as planned. We do love a good festival and hope that the festival season isn’t hit too badly with cancellations. It really is troubling times and so stay tuned to what your festival is saying so you don’t miss important updates regarding cancellations.

What should guys wear to a festival?

When it comes to clothing for guys we have often found that simple is the best way forward, there is no need to over think your outfit. The biggest thing to think about when wearing any clothing is how comfortable it is. You don’t want to be wearing clothing during long days without feeling at ease. That tight pair of jeans might look great at other times of the year but a hot festival is probably not the place as you’ll soon become uncomfortable.

Shorts and t-shirt

What should guys wear to a festival?
Shorts and t-shirt combo with undone button shirt added

The simplest and most comfortable festival outfit for us guys has to be the shorts and t-shirt combo. You cant get any simpler than this. There is no messing around with what goes with what, you grab your shorts, you grab your shirt and you throw them on. Accessorise with fun hat and sun glasses. You can also add a undone button shirt if you are looking to create layers or in case it get a little chilly later.

Shorts and short sleeve shirt

Short sleeve button shirt and shorts combo

OK so this variation isn’t much different from the previous but it does create a slightly different look. You wouldn’t expect to have a t-shirt on underneath. For this style we would recommend a light weight airy shirt either made from a nice light cotton or rayon material.

Jeans and Top

Classic jeans and top combination, accessorise with guitar and sunglasses for super cool look

Whether its a vest top or t-shirt the classic combination of jeans and top is always going to go down well at a festival. Most guys can pull this look off without any effort, this is why it makes it such a great outfit to go for.


When it comes to guys and festival fashion we want it simple and easy. Most guys don’t want to spend ages working out what they are going to wear, they want to be able to throw on an outfit and get the hell out the door (or tent) to the festival. Using simple combinations of clothing like shirts and tops combined with shorts or jeans is the easiest and simplest festival fashion for guys.