What makes a good pair of festival trousers?

What makes a good pair of festival trousers?When it comes to festivals it’s got to be said that the right kind of festival clothing can go a long way to having a good trouble free time. For the most part , UK music festivals are warm during the day which is great. Although the British weather is notorious for letting us down from time to time it seems that the only festival that really gets rain is Glastonbury. Don’t ask me why but it just tends to happen this way. I keep an eye out just to check and Glastonbury does get the sun. But it also gets the rain so wellies are a must.

One year it was that bad I remember a guy canoeing through the market area… Yep that really happened and no it wasn’t me!  I mean who takes a canoe to a festival on the off chance it rains so much it would be useful?.
Anyway back to trousers….

So what trousers should you take with you?

So, lets assume its going to be a nice day. What I mean is that in the summer time we have a good chance of the sun shining. If this year is anything like last year we will be in for a scorcher. Light weight trousers are the best option, usually a thin cotton or thin rayon material. This is because both are light and airy with the added bonus of being able to dry out quite quickly if the heavens open and you are drenched in a quick downpour.

What Makes a Good Pair of Festival Trousers? - Cargo Trousers

So for the blokes (or the ladies by all means) a firm festival favourite is our range of cargo trousers. They offer a wide range of colours, are light weight and come in many sizes. If you do happen to get a little wet then they dry out nice and fast. Just as long as the sun comes out to give you a nice helping hand.  With pockets on the side as well as normal trouser pockets you have a nice range of places to store your festival survival kit (phone, wallet, hip flask).  As these trousers are light weight and thin they roll up nice and small which means they can fit easily into a backpack or shoulder bag.

What Makes a Good Pair of Festival Trousers? - Rayon Trousers


For the women (or men as they are great for both) the rayon Thai trousers are a great choice.  They are made from a soft feel rayon material which is nice and airy. They dry out quickly and can be easily rolled and stored in a small bundle in your bag. Ladies, this means that you can take more outfit choices with you. What’s not to like?!
With lots of colours and styles to choose from you have a  great choice to turn heads at your next festival.


Why Lightweight?

The last thing you want while squashed in the crowd is to be sweating your ass off and both these types of trousers will really help with keeping you cool. Of course, you could always go one step further and grab a pair of shorts. However light and airy trousers help with the best of both worlds as they provide warmth as the sun starts to go down and keep you cool in the day time.

What Should I do at night?

Well your are going to serve you fine in the day time but during the evening it can get a little chilly. Thankfully there are a few options that will help so you should always pack one of these to keep in case you get cold.

Fleece lined trousers are perfect. They offer funky patchwork patterns that will keep you looking good but with the extra layer of fleece lining sewn into the inside. This means that you will have a nice warm pair of legs for your midnight rambles around the festival site. These are perfect for all genders and are made from a mix of cotton and fleece.

There is another option; Favoured by the ladies but look great on everyone, these are our acrylic wool trousers. Acrylic wool is soft to the touch and nice and warm. Now these are some funky trousers that ensure you stay warm and, look good as the thermal properties are great.