Festival-FunWhat is Men’s Festival Clothing All About?

Men’s festival clothing is about standing out, looking good and feeling great. When we venture to our favourite festival we are there to let loose with our friends and have a damn good time. That means dressing in clothing that shows we are about shedding our normal lives and getting into something that shouts FUN. From funky hats to unique patchwork clothing, men’s festival clothing is a perfect way to enjoy your festival time in style.

So what’s out there to wear?

Mens-Festival-Clothing-Hat-and-Dashiki-TopWith a wide range in men’s festival fashions to choose from you’ll be looking good all festival season.
Lets start off with hats; a silly, bright or fun looking hat really is what makes the outfit. Not just because you look great by looking ridiculous but, also because you’ll last the hot days without getting sun stroke. Not only will you stand out in the crowd but you’ll help keep the sun off your head. As a result, you won’t pass out when your drinking Jager bombs and beer that tastes like piss. We should mention that drinking lots of water is well recommended as a hat won’t keep you hydrated but it will keep you looking good.

Trousers and shorts come in all different colours and styles but you really want to look for something that is nice and light weight. Heavy clothing is a big no no unless a severe cold snap is heading your way (doubtful). Light weight clothing means you stay cool and if there is a little down pour your clothing should dry out quite fast. This also helps if you end up puking down your trousers and need to clean them. With light cotton or rayon trousers and shorts you’ll stay cool and look great. Lucky for you, the range on offer will keep you looking nice and unique. From patchwork cotton to printed rayon you’ll find a great choice in trousers and shorts that will help.

When it comes to throwing a top on you’ll want something that isn’t too tight. Ok so if you want to show off your muscles then go for a funky small T-Shirt but be warned, your rippling muscles will show through. You may look like a big strong man but so will your sweat marks when that temperature goes up. I gotta say sweat ain’t no good looking thing. Instead look to airy dashiki tops, light weight shirts or a slightly larger sized T-Shirt so you actually have some room to breathe.

Mens-Festival-Clothing-PonchoWhat happens when the night times comes?

Well my guess is by this point you’ll be far from sober so, you might not feel the cold as the sun slides downwards. If you are dancing the night away in the dance tent then you’ve probably been sweating your tits off so you’ll need something to throw on when you get out in to the cooler air. A beer blanket will only get you so far so our advice is to grab a poncho. Our poncho’s pretty much double up as a blanket. The ones with hoods look great and mean you can keep warm by covering your head up. Of course a funky jacket or hoodie would work great and the popular Mexican Jerga is always on our list of hoodies for festivals.

Keep it real guys

There is a ton of men’s festival clothing that not only looks great but helps keep you feeling great. We hope you find the piece of clothing that makes your festival special.

All jokes aside, whatever festival you are going to this year, please look after each other. Have a great time and stay safe. Keep well hydrated and try and keep out the sun during the hottest part of the day. If you’re gonna be in the sun then wear a hat and sun tan lotion. And don’t forget to have a wicked time. Festivals are a place to kick back and forget about real life for a bit so play nice and enjoy.