What Is Glamping And Is It For Me?

What Is Glamping And Is It For Me? - Inside of YurtGlamping has been popular in the UK since about 2005 which was when it first came on the scene. It might be popular you say but, I  hear you asking “What is Glamping and is it for me?” First off let’s start with yes it is for you. Glamping is for everyone and is loved across the globe.


I won’t give you the exact dictionary version but…. Glamping is a form of camping where the accommodation is more luxurious than traditional camping. Essentially, take camping and then make it 100% better! Personally I absolutely hate camping but glamping I can do! There is no need to be uncomfortable, you can have the luxuries of home and in some cases hotels.
Beds, check!  Electricity ports for charging phones, check! Heck lots of places will even give you proper electricity such as lights.. No more fumbling around in the dark! Bonus!!


The word glamping started being used in the UK in 2005. The word was new however the concept of comfortable tent living was not. It seems to date back to at least the 15th century where Kings and Ottomans would treat their guest to lavish luxury in tents. They would often move the contents of their palaces into said tents to make their guests feel at home.
One of the biggest examples that I can find is back in 1520 where the Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France held a summit on what became known as The Field of the Cloth of Gold. Some 2,800 tents were erected in pure style and luxury. No expense was spared. There were even fountains of wine if you can believe it. Yummy! Yes please…..

Glamping at Festivals

This has become huge! So, why do people ask, what is glamping and is it for me? Lots of people love going to festivals and love the atmosphere however, do not like camping. The main campsites can get a little rowdy at times and so, an alternative can offer a sense of calm. Not only does this offer you a proper bed, and space to move around but it also offers you some separation from the festival. At times this can be necessary. Especially if you have young kids and need a bit of quiet or, like me you are getting a little too old for rowdy…..What Is Glamping And Is It For Me? - Tepee Village

Most festivals these days will offer a package for glampers. It can be expensive but worth it if you can!
It comes in so many forms, wee cabins, massive tents, yurts, and tepees. When you see them all at a festival it really is a sight to see. A mass of brightly coloured luxury accommodation. Oh such luxury.

Depending on what you go for, there are some serious optional extras. I have seen some advertised that looked like hotel rooms.  Not only did they have plush beds but sofa, wardrobes, chest of drawers (somewhere to put your festival clothing) and some even had their own loo. OMG yes, yes and yes please. No more sharing a portaloo with thousands of people.

You may even find that there are proper shower blocks for those in the glamp site… What’s not to like?!
You may even find a concierge available to you. No luxury is spared!

I believe that even quite a few of the festivals even offer payment plans for the accommodation. It is worth looking into for sure. There is nothing better than getting into a comfy bed at night!

Prices & Options

Pretty much every main festival and even lot of the little ones actually, now offer glamping fields. They way they are set up is they are are put into sections which are then booked by various companies. For some you can book directly through the festival website but in most cases you will need to book through the suppliers direct. The festy websites will direct you there though so don’t worry!

I thought that I would share with you some of the companies and some of the accommodation available just so that you can get an idea of the prices. You can of course find full information on their websites;


These guys have a wide range for you to choose from all depending on what festival you attend. Here are some of the most common that you can get;
Squirt – this is a wee 9ft Yurt suitable for 2 people. With a lockable front door and foam mattresses, even Spanish rugs and fairy lights.  Prices start from around £440

12ft Yurt – here you have 2 options – standard furnished or lux furnished. In all honesty the price doesn’t vary too much for the added luxury. You can expect  (from a lux) a fully lockable door, a double bed with foam mattress, bedside tables, lamps, wooden shelving, floor cushions a mirror and even electrics. Prices start from £875 – £1,150

14ft Yurt – again available in 2 options – Dorm or double. The dorm of course is for more than 2 people. They can sleep 2 couples on two double or there is the option for 4 single beds. Or, you can get a nice spacious double. You get as with all of the others, a lockable door which in my opinion is excellent. You’ll get a nice double bed with soft Egyptian cotton, rugs, tables, lighting and even a window. You can even add extra beds for your little ones.

Prices for the dorm start from £1,200 and the double from £1,330.  There are optional extras such as wine coolers that you can add.


For our festivals you will mainly find these guys supping the brightly coloured belle tents.

2 Person Bellepad – here you have your basic which is just the shell and a ground sheet. Then you have the standard which comes with 2 camp beds (optional extra available) and then there is the luxury version which has lots of loveliness. Bed including your linens, mains electricity, bed throws and scatter cushions,  camping chairs and table, towels (because there are decent shower blocks) coat hooks and lovely soft rugs. Prices start from £480 for the basic up to £875 for the lux.

4 Person Bellepad – options are the same as the 2 person. Prices start from £580 for the basic up to £1,270

6 Person Bellepad – only the basic and the standard are available in this larger size. Prices start from £680 for the basic and £830  for the standard.

Pop Up Hotels

These guys are only at a few festy’s. Now these are one of the most expensive that I have come across but the options are phenomenal. They offer the fun of glamping but with the services of a hotel. You get a reception welcome with concierge that helps you take your luggage to your chosen suite.  There are private cubicle showers available 24hrs. Private flushable loos which are cleaned regularly. Guest seating and dining, pamper areas which include hairdryers and charging points.  There is even a spa for goodness sakes! Heck there is even 24hr security to ensure only paying guests can access the site.

Safari Suite – these suites have space for 2 adults. Comes with a king sized bed or twin beds. Yes actual beds. You get a full sofa, carpeted hard flooring and a coffee table. You even get towels and toiletries. Now in my opinion what makes this so amazing is this – you get a full en-suite bathroom with shower, sink and a flushing toilet. The water is even hot too! Prices start from £8,499. A little pricey but…..

Luxury Yurt  – no en-suite with this one i’m afraid. It is still pretty special though. Metal framed bed with memory foam, full linens, towels, ambient lighting and a Moroccan theme. You get rungs and matting, clothes storage, a chest even a dining table and chairs. The door is also lockable. Prices start from £4,399

Airstream RV – these iconic trailers are perfect for those after something a little bit different.  There is space for 2-5 people depending on which model you choose. Each RV however has, full en-suite, proper beds including all your linens etc, central heating and a full sized fridge. Hell yes please! You even get a TV and DVD player. Awesome!!! Prices start from £8,499

In Summary

So in short, as a result of the above,  in answer to your question what is glamping and is it for me, yes it sure is.
However you like to camp then there is something for you. But do you know what, if you just prefer regular camping then that’s cool too.