There are so many different styles of clothing out there that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what’s what. Festival clothing is really popular as the music festival scene here in the UK has become crammed with events that span the whole of the summer as well as mini events popping up during the off season.

What is Festival Clothing? Mexican Jerga HoodieWhat is Festival Clothing?

Festival clothing is also referred to in some circles as ‘hippie clothing’. It came about because the first festivals were really aimed at the hippie subculture. The 1960’s were stuffed with free events or cheap events popping up and attracting the hippy community who were happy to camp out, sit back and relax. It was the start of something that was to carry on growing as it turned into the festival scene that we know and love today.

Nowadays with the amount of music festivals we have the clothing associated with them has become known as ‘festival clothing’ mainly due to the fact that people love to wear these funky threads to these kinds of events.

This kind of clothing is normally bright, loose and made to look and feel great. The use of patchwork and tie dye is very popular as these kind of designs create a unique piece of clothing that is sure to stand out against other designs.

Why this kind of clothing?Festival Clothing Outfit

Shedding your normal way of life is a big thing when you head off to a festival. Forgetting about work and normal life responsibilities means that you can get into the spirit of the event and really enjoy the moment. This often extends to changing the way you dress, like fancy dress but more sophisticated.

This style of clothing gives you the chance to really step into a new you while you are enjoying festival life. You wear clothes that keep you warm at night or help keep you cool in the day with the added bonus that they have a unique comfortable style that isn’t always present in everyday life.

Patchwork-Cotton-Festival-Dungarees-ExampleCan anybody wear these clothes?

With a great range for men and women you’ll find that there is something for everyone. From funky trousers to cool tops and jackets. The great thing about this style of clothes is that fact that women quite often wear the men’s styles, this also works in reverse as we have found many men wearing items that were originally intended for women.

At the end of the day festival clothing is meant to be about empowerment, expression and having a good time. This means if you feel comfortable in the clothing you are wearing then that is just perfect. Many people like this kind of clobber so much they end up wearing it as part of their normal wardrobe, so give it a try when you go to your next festival and see how it makes you feel.

We now offer kids clothing which means you can get your little ones in on the act. Festival clothing really can be for everyone.