• What is a festival shirt?When it comes to festival clothing a festival shirt should be one of those things every gent has in their clothing bag. A festival shirt isn’t just a normal everyday boring shirt. No, a festival shirt is something a little more exciting as it adds colour, looks great and really makes you standout at a festival. Lets take a look and answer What is a festival shirt?

What is a festival shirt?

When festival season comes around we all want to find the right clothing so we look our best at our next festival. The festival shirt has become one of the main things that makes up mens festival clothing. They are often bright, strange, colourful and often not something you would normally throw on. But at a festival you’re stepping out of your normal clothing and into something a little different. The idea behind the festival shirt is to really stand out in the crowd, wearing a shirt that is a little out there or a little stranger than normal is what makes for a great festival shirt. Some people try and find the most boring shirt they can where but, we always say go with a funky bright and colourful shirt instead.

Types of Shirts

When it comes to festival shirts you want to select something that is absolutely fantastic looking but also really comfortable to wear. From button shirts to the ever popular dashiki there a great many shirts that you can wear to your next festival.

Button Shirt

The button shirt is probably one of the most popular of festival shirts. This is because they are a mix between smart and casual and offer great flexibility in style. Often made from a light weight rayon material or a soft light cotton material these shirts are just perfect for a nice summer festival.


What is a festival shirt? -dashiki
The Dashiki shirt originates from Africa where it is worn by many people. Created in bright vibrant colours and made to be worn loose these shirts are perfect for hot weather. The idea behind the loose fitting is so the air can circulate between your body and the garment, this means the items doesn’t stick to you but instead means air can circulate to keep you cool. To help make sure these shirts are not restrictive there is a v neck which means you won’t feel like you’re being strangled on those hot festival days.


It wouldn’t be a festival without a nice selection of patchwork shirts. Now these are fantastic festival shirts because every single one is going to be unique. That’s right no two are the same which means you’ll never run into someone and have the awkward moment when you both realise you’re wearing the same item. Patchwork really is great material when it comes to creating funky festival clothing. The colours are always different and the amount of styles that are available are limitless.

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