Lets face it people, we live in the UK and we know at some point its going to lash it down when we are at our favourite festival. But fear not as we can still have a cracking time even if the heavens open. By wearing the right clobber you are sure to keep on smiling. So read on to find out what you should wear to a rainy festival.

So What do you wear to a rainy festival?

Rain Poncho or Light Rain Jacket

This really is about what you prefer

Poncho:- These little beauties are a must have for any festival goer. They come in several different version which includes a thin carrier bag type. However this kind are not very eco friendly as they are not made to be used over and over again, they are also prone to breaking and so become useless. We would always recommend the thicker waterproof version which are made to last. They fold away nice and small and tend to have a little bag for storage. They can be used over and over for many festivals to come.

Light Rain Jacket:- Some people might argue that a poncho just doesn’t cut it, so for you people then opt for a light weight but waterproof rain jacket which can also fold down small and you’re good to go.

Festival Hoodie


The Mexican Jerga is the hoodie of choice in my opinion. When the clouds come over and the heavens open you’ll need something to help keep you warm under your rain jacket. A nice cotton acrylic mixed hoodie will help keep you warm. To be honest any hoodie will do the trick, the clouds might not take long to past but during that time it will get a little cold. A hoodie that can be tied around your waist when the sun comes back out is ideal.



If a pair of wellies isn’t already part of your festival outfit then what are you thinking? These bad boys are a life saver at any festival. It’sgoing to rain at some point and even if it doesn’t at least you have them as a back up. With so many colours and styles to choose from we recommend a pair that feel comfortable when walking long distances, pay a bit more and you’ll get more use out of them, keep cheap and you’ll probably have sore feet (I learn’t that the hard way). Ow and don’t forget long socks to stop the wellies rubbing.


Keep it light weight

When it comes to trousers, skirts or shorts we recommend you keep it light. If you wear a heavy pair of trousers they are going to take a while to dry out, the same can be said about long skirts. By keeping your bottoms light weight the material will dry out sooner and won’t keep you bogged down with weight. Shorts are a great idea or short skirts, you can always double up with some thick tights. A thin pair of trousers will do the trick if you are expecting the sun to come back out again.

Brolly Hat

Now I have to say these things look ridiculous but they keep the rain off your head and fulfil the festival clothing mantra of wear silly bright and colourful clothing. They are not really a need but more of a ‘why not’ item of clothing.

Spare Clothing

Always take a spare set of dry clothes (not that you’ll take wet clothes with you, because that’s just weird) that can be called upon when you need to get warm and dry. Make sure socks are on this list as wet feet can be a real drag. You’ll be surprised at how many people only take enough socks for the days they are there, taking a few extra pairs will really help if it becomes wet and rainy, you don’t want to wear wet socks all festival.

Festivals are a great place come rain or shine. As long as you have the right clothing you’re sure to enjoy your time. Just remember to stay warm and keep dry, there is nothing worse then being soaked to the bone and freezing your arse off.