Wearing Tie Dye To A FestivalWearing Tie Dye To A FestivalWhen it comes to festival clothing, tie dye is expected. No matter where you choose to go you will find it in abundance. Young or old, it really is a firm favourite. You are faced with so many options when getting your outfits packed and ready to go.

Tie dye is not every bodies cup of tea,  however pretty much everyone looks great when wearing it. Some ideas are simple enough and others, bright and bold, can’t quite be pulled off by everyone. Simple or elaborate whatever your style –  here are some hints and tips to help you make the best decision when wearing tie dye to a festival.

The Starting Point

Let’s be honest – tie dye isn’t the subtlest of styles that you can choose. This is the exact reason that people tend to ease in slowly. There really can be too much of a good thing!
T-shirts and vest tops are where most people start. Simple yet very effective. A must have addition for any festival kit. Matching a vest or a t with a plain skirt or trousers means that you are going one step towards letting your hair down but without too much commitment to go overboard. You’ll stand out,  but not in an overpowering way.  Start off gently and then start experimenting.

Wearing Tie Dye To A Festival - Tie Dye Trousers

Some folk are comfortable diving in head first however others need a little help when it comes to wearing tie dye to a festival.
If you like the style but are a little unsure about the masses of colour then don’t you worry, it is not all in your face rainbows. Instead opt for toned down blue hues and pastels.

Single garments really are the best place to start. You can mix and match – one day wearing a t-shirt and the next a pair of funky trousers. Full tie dye or only partial, your choices are huge. Once you get used to wearing so much colour you can branch out and make the style your own.

Double Tie Dye

Similar to double denim (but much better), doubling up is not something that every one can get away with. Keep it subtle and you are in with a good chance of people appreciating your outfit. Subtle for example would be wearing 2 garments but with a block colour break in between. Say a pair of half TD trousers (colour at the bottom) with a colourful top half. Would even work with a dress and then say a hat – as long as there is a colour break it works really well for most.Wearing Tie Dye To A Festival - Ruffle Dress

There are a few of us out there though who do dare to double it up in full colour! Tis’ hugely in your face and super bold but personally I love it. The more colour I can wear the better as it makes me smile. Am I one of those who can pull it off? Probably not but, who cares – I certainly don’t. The clothing is fun and so are festivals, which in my opinion are a great recipe for a fantastic feel good weekend. It is also a great way to meet new people as folk love to ask questions…

You don’t even need to double up to get the wow factor, try a fully dyed dress and watch the jaws drop (in a good way of course).

Wearing tie dye to a festival can be tricky but, here at The Festival Clothing Company, we say just go with what makes you happy. Try different ideas and the one that makes you smile the most then go with that. Festivals are great for wearing bold clothing and standing out. Let your hair down and have some fun. The season will only be around for so long……

Spread The Love

One great thing abut this style of clothing is that it really is a conversation starter.What a way to make some new friends..  When people see how great you look and then find out how at ease you are wearing it, the love spreads and takes its hold on the next victim. Someone who may not have felt comfortable wearing it beforehand may be a convert thanks to you. Spread your love of colour and let’s see how bright we can make the world.