Uses For Your Festival Poncho

Uses For Your Festival PonchoPonchos are so versatile and so we want to share with you, some other uses for your festival poncho. You will be pleasantly surprised. Those of you who own a one already most likely do some of things that we are about to mention. But for those of you who are on the fence and are unsure as to whether you want a one… Just keep reading….

Ponchos are one of the best pieces that you can have in your festival clothing kit. I have a survival kits that comes to all festivals with me and are all things that I need. Things that I just cannot do without. Poncho’s are right at the top of the list. Along with wellies, loo roll and baby wipes. You will no doubt have your own kit however if you don’t already, a poncho should most definitely be in it!

So, What Else Can You Use Them For?

Blanket – you can use them as blankets that you can share with friends. Why not share some warmth with your friends?! You can either pop it over your legs when you are sat on the floor or, you Uses For Your Festival Poncho - Cotton Ponchocan drape it across your shoulders. It works perfectly. You will love yours so much that you will not want to share, however, it is the nice thing to do. Especially when you are nice and toasty and your mate is half frozen! You can comfortably fit 2 people snuggled in.
They are also great for additional warmth when you are in your tents at night.

Ground Sheet – if you have one of our nice thick cotton poncho’s you can use them as a ground sheet to pop under your blow up bed or sleeping bag in your tent. The are great at trapping the cold underneath which in turn stops you getting so cold. When opened up the length is lovely and great even for the tallest of you out there.

Uses For Your Festival PonchoPicnic Blanket – there is nothing worse than sitting down for a snack or sitting down to watch a band when the ground is either uneven, cold or even slightly damp. Pop down a poncho and voila, problems solved. Your rest and time sitting down will be much more comfortable. If the ground is wet though, use your noggin. If it gets soaked through then you can’t exactly pop it back on and expect it to keep you warm. The thick cotton and our nice and soft acrylic poncho’s both work great for the floor.


So, are you surprised that there are indeed other uses for you festival poncho ‘s? I am sure that there are more but these ones have been tried and tested. If you can think of any others that you know work then please feel free to let us know and we will be happy to share.

There is a choice of materials for you when it comes to choosing your very own. We have acrylic wool which is the exact same material as our nice and cosy blankets or, there is a wonderfully thick cotton. It all depend on just what you like.