Sustainable Festival ClothingAs we look at the damage we are doing to our planet,  people are waking up to the fact that there are ways of being more sustainable in our everyday life which includes the choices we make when it comes to our clothing. Whether it means not buying from single use or throwaway producers or, whether it means buying clothing that has been recycled or produced in a sustainable manner. Here, we are going to take a look at what makes the best Sustainable Festival Clothing.

Sustainable Festival Clothing

Moving towards a more sustainable business should be at the forefront of all clothing companies. With many cheap high street clothing retailers geared up for cheap clothing that tends to get worn once or twice and then thrown away, this isn’t helping our throwaway society.

What you should look for when buying clothing:

-Use of sustainable products or production methods

-Fair trade
-Use of recycled material
-Moving away from single use plastics
-Use of natural materials

It’s not possible to completely overhaul a business over night but, small changes made one at a time can really help move towards more sustainable clothing ranges.  Now to start with we are not making excuses but we are not here to say that all the clothing we supply is completely sustainable. But as a responsible clothing supplier we are always increasing our education when it comes to sustainability as well as increasing the amount of clothes that are within the sustainable umbrella. Our clothing items are produced by hand and are made from quality materials which increases the lifespan of the items.

Thinking about Sustainable Clothing

When it comes to purchasing sustainable clothing you’ll want to think about the kind of items produced, the materials they are produced from and how they are packaged as this all counts to the overall sustainability of the product.


Using high quality materials as well as producers that are able to produce high quality finished products is a great start to producing sustainable festival clothing. This means the clothing you purchase can be worn many times and will bring you joy for a lot longer than cheaper throwaway clothing. Each item is crafted by hand and so has that wonderful human touch.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are always going to be the best purchase choice if you are looking to keep your clothing purchases sustainable. The introduction of materials like hemp has really changed the way clothing can be produced thanks to the fast growing time and durability of this material.

90% of our items are produced using natural materials like cotton, wool, silk and hemp. Using these types of products instead of plastic means they are produced in a more sustainable way. At present we offer a very limited range of hemp items mainly based around bags but we do hope to move into more hemp products in the future.

Recycled Sari Material

Recycled-Sari-Festival-DressMany of our items are produced using recycled sari material. This is a great way to make clothing or accessories. Sari’s are quite an expensive clothing item in India and so to just throw away the item after it has been finished with would be a massive waste. So much material is used in the production of each sari that most of the time that even if there are minor defects there is so much material that can be recycled into something new.

Recycling items and turning them into new items of clothing is a wonderful way to get more use out of the material. This not only cuts down on waste but also means the material has a much longer life. Popular items of clothing that are created from recycled sari include skirts, dresses, scarves, reusable wrapping paper, vest tops and blouses as well as many other fantastic festival clothing items.

Embroidery Items

Black-Long-Sleeve-Flower-Festival-TopEmbroidery items like our range of embroidery jackets are great when it comes to using up little off cuts of material. Quite often in the production process little bits of material called off cuts will fall to the floor and get swept away. This is a very wasteful part of the process as quite often the material just goes to landfill. Our ingenious producers came up with the great idea of using these often thrown away pieces of material and creating wonderful embroidery designs. This has a two fold impact as the material is put to good use and the producer is able to charge a better price for more intricately produced clothing.

Reusable Tote Bags

Re-usable-Multicoloured-Om-Cotton-Festival-Shopping-BagUsing high quality cotton we are able to produce shopping bags that can be used over and over again. Many supermarkets are producing long life plastic shopping bags with the idea they are better than the single use variety however the amount of times you have to use them to offset the damage done in their creation is astronomical. Coupled with the fact that many people forget these bags and so end up buying another one each time they shop means that the sustainability of these long use plastic bags is not so great.

Using a cotton bag means you are using a natural product, also they fold smaller and so can easily fit into a small bag or pocket. Another great item is produced using recycled rice bags. This is a shopping bag that is made from the large rice sacks that would otherwise be thrown away. As this type of plastic material is not easy to recycle its much better they are put to another use and so don’t end up in landfill.

Recycled Silk

Recycled-Silk-Festival-Hat-with-Wool-Tassels-RainbowThe sari industry in India produces a lot of waste silk thread which would otherwise be thrown into landfill. However by mixing this thread into a multicoloured yarn producers are able to produce full recycled silk items like bags and hats. This type of yarn is also included into other items to add detail, like wool jackets and wool hats where a bit of extra colour and texture add to the finished clothing item.

This is another great way to make sure waste is cut back and that material that would otherwise be thrown away is in fact used to create wonderful festival clothing.


Sustainable Festival ClothingPackaging plays a bit part when it comes to online festival shops. Unlike clothing that is shown on racks and rails in a bricks and mortar store our clothing is stored in a warehouse environment and then sent out to customers. Up until recently all our clothing came packaged in transparent plastic bags. We are staring to move away from this as more of our producers are able to supply clothing items either rolled or folded without the use of bags.

As more of our producers get on board you should see less plastic arriving with your clothing items, this is a long term transition and so although we have started this process some of our clothing sill still come in bags.

The grey mailing bags we use to send out items to customers are produced from recyclable material and are able to be recycled themselves. We have been researching biodegradable bags and do hope to be able to implement biodegradable mailing bags in the near future.