The Festival Clothing Company have a great selection of summer festival clothing perfect for your festival adventures.

Summer Festival Clothing

Summer time really is the best time of year. The festival season is in full swing, the weather is lovely and we can get outside and really enjoy it all. Of course with the summer comes the summer festival clothing. All our winter warmers have long been locked away and now its time for the thin layers to come out.

Tie-Dye-summer-festival-clothing-skirtShorts and Skirts

I don’t think it really needs to be said as most people know, but here goes: when the weather is hot you get your shorts (or skirts) out. As soon as the chance arises I’m in my shorts and they stay glued to my body until the evenings start to turn chilly again. Shorts are a great way to help stay cool during the summer, with a mixture of different material types including thin cotton or lightweight rayon you’ll find the perfect pair to cool you down.
Skirts are another great summer festival garment, with short skirts perfect for stomping around your favourite festival. The longer skirts are perfect for the modest festival goer with long trailing designs perfect for floating around any event during the summer months.

T-Shirts and Blousessummer-festival-clothing-dashiki-tops

Sometimes that summer sun can be a bit much and so you’ll need a top you can throw on to help keep the sun at bay, this will also help make sure you remain relatively cool. For the guys (or girls) we suggest the wonderful dashiki tops. Originating in Africa these tops are colourful and designed to be worn loose, this gives the skin room the breath and so should mean a cooler experience. If these tops are not your style then the patterned button shirts made from a lightweight rayon material produce the same effect as long as you don’t go for a super tight fit.

The ladies will be happy to hear we have so many vest tops and blouses. These range from funky crop tops for showing off the midriff to longer vest tops that are nice and flowing, thus for providing cover but also being airy.

Summer Festival Hats

You can’t go to a festival this summer and not wear a brightly coloured silly hat. It just has to be done. The festival summer hat is as well known as the naked festival guy who got drunk, fell asleep and was drawn all over. You seem them at every festival and the reason is they look great (the hat). Hats help with keeping that burning sun from turning your fun festival into sun stroke and a trip to the first aid tent. Thankfully we are all up for wearing bright hats (see above picture, that’s me, pensive I know). So make sure your summer festival doesn’t go Pete Tong and put a hat on your head, just make sure its fun, bright and colourful.


Whatever your summer festival needs, we have a great range of male and female festival clothing that is ready and waiting to accompany you on your next visit to your favourite festival. So whether you are off to Glastonbury, T in the Park or Boomtown we have you covered.