Should I wear wellies to a festival
When it comes to festival clothing and footwear there is one item that should always be at the top of your list regardless of weather or style. That item will save you more than you could ever realise. The humble wellington boot might be linked to country living more than listening to music but you should never leave your wellies at home as you should always wear your wellies to a festival.

Should I wear wellies to a festival?

Yes ow yes wear wellies and thank me after, just make sure they are comfortable.

I’ve made the mistake myself by arriving at a festival thinking that the sun is going to shine the whole time. I’m wearing trainers and flared jeans (hay I like the look). That’s great for the first night but all of a sudden the heavens open on the second day and the festival is no longer a dry place to be. Those trainers are getting waterlogged and the funky looking flares that I sport are soaking up water faster than a water pumping machine on overdrive. What goes through my mind at this point is ‘I should of worn my ruddy wellies to this festival’.

Never again shall I forget this simple festival rule. You can have all the funky festival clothing in the world but without your wellies you’re just some festival goer with wet feet feeling a little sorry for yourself. Wet feet can really bring you down, plus no one likes trench foot so don’t be that person and pack your wellies.


How to Make Your Wellies Comfortable

So you’ve taken our advice and gone with the wellies. That’s great but you might want to think about making those bad boys a little more comfortable as wellington boots are not always the most comfortable of footwear.

Try before you buy

I can’t stress this enough, pop along to a local store and try on some different styles. The truth in most cases is the more you spend the more comfortable they are going to be as more expensive boots will offer more cushioning and better support for the bridge of your foot. You’re going to be wearing these for a long time so make sure the pair you do go with are going to be nice and comfortable. We would recommend taking the socks you are going to wear with the wellies, this way you can check for the correct fit. You’ll want to make sure they are not too tight that it feels uncomfortable but not too loose that your feet move around loads as this will cause blisters.

Buy your socks before your boots

As mentioned above you’ll want your socks before you buy the boots. This is so you can get a good feel for the boots you are trying on. Thicker than normal socks are recommended, we would also suggest these sock should be longer and come above the rim of the boot. This will help prevent rubbing. There are specific wellington boot socks now available which can be great for pairing with your new boots. Make sure you take a couple of pairs of these to your festival as boots tend not to let your feet breath too much.

Let you feet breath

It’s worth taking your boots off every now and again so your feet can breath. Just try not to do this in the company of people you like. Give your feet a good clean at the end of each day and change your socks.

Wear before the festival

This is really important. If you have a new pair of boots then wear them around the house prior to leaving for the festival. This way you’ll wear the boots in before leaving and this will make all the difference. There is nothing worse then getting to a festival and wearing new shoes or boots for the first time as you are likely to feel some discomfort on the first outing.

What about walking boots?

I hear you asking ‘Can I take walking boots to a festival?’.
Walking boots are built better for walking long distances then the humble wellington boot. This means they provide great stability, are comfortable and in most cases breathable.

So the answer is also yes walking boots can be great for when the rain starts to fall. In fact I’d go with walking boots over wellies if there is only light rain as walking boots are made to be a lot more comfortable then wellington boots. However as soon as the rain really starts to come down and the festival is more a mud bath than a green field you’ll wish you brought your wellies with you. Even the best walking boot isn’t capable of keeping all the water out.  Walking shoes really are great especially considering the amount of mileage you’ll walk during the festival but, just bear in mind that if the weather really turns and the place becomes a swamp then you’re much better off with wellies.

We hope we’ve covered the question ‘Should I wear wellies to a festival?’ by providing some useful information for you. At the end of the day you really have to wear what you feel most comfortable in but, if its likely to wet it down then wellies make a good addition to your funky festival clothing outfit.