When it comes to festival time the choice of festival clothing is immense. There are so many possibilities to choose from that you might just get a little overwhelmed. One of the biggest things to think about is what kind of top to wear and should you consider long sleeves, short sleeves or just go all out with a vest top and forget about sleeves all together. We are going to take a quick look into what kind of top to wear at your next festival.

Should I Wear Long Sleeves, Short Sleeves or No Sleeves to a Festival?

It’s one of those commonly asked festival clothing questions (well maybe when you’re talking to yourself in the mirror) as festival time approaches. The weather might be cold but there is a good chance it could be a burning hot summer. What type of top do you wear?

Long Sleeves


Long sleeve shirts and tops are great when the day is going to be a bit overcast. There is nothing worse than standing around a festival and feeling the chill on your arms. A light weight cotton top or a rayon material long sleeve shirt would serve well. These long sleeve shirts are perfect worn over dresses or over tops and with a little tweak like having the buttons undone you can create a great style.

If you want to double up then wearing a vest top underneath your long sleeve top would be a great choice.
This has several benefits 1) you will be warmer when the sun dips behind a cloud or the day becomes a bit grey. 2) if you need to get cool because the sun pops out you can remove the long sleeve shirt and hay presto you are nice and cool.

One thing you should never underestimate is convenience. A long sleeve shirt or top can easily be tied around your waist, worn over your shoulders or you could just roll the sleeves if you feel that losing the top altogether would be a bit much.

All in all a long sleeve top is a great addition to your festival clothing outfit, if worn on its own then you can roll the sleeves up, undo buttons or if you’re feeling really free you can just shed it and tie around your waste. If worn over a vest top then you not only have these options but you also have an added style benefit. You can make a statement by having a bold funky long sleeve shirt worn over a single tone vest or wear a single tone long sleeve shirt over a colourful vest top.

Short Sleeves


Lets face is many men are going to go with the short sleeve shirt option, whether its a short sleeve button shirt or the popular t-shirt the short sleeve shirt tends to be a winner during the summer time. The short sleeve shirt is really the most popular shirt style during festival season with men and women alike slipping into these festival favourites. If it’s looking to get a bit chilly in the day then you might need an extra top on standby.

With a t-shirt you can layer with a long sleeve shirt as mentioned above or with a short sleeve button shirt you could either wear a vest top underneath or go with a thin festival hoodie like the popular Mexican Jerga. The ladies can always go with a thin shrug to help keep the chill off the arms.

I know that when it comes to festival time I’ll be digging out my tie dye short sleeve shirt as its bright, colourful and it’s going to keep me cool. I’ll take a long sleeve shirt like a grandad shirt that I can tie around my waist until it gets cold.

Vest top

If the weather report is saying your festival is going to be a scorcher then you’re not going to want to be wearing much so the vest top is perfect for both men and women. Many women go for the vest top as its much cooler than a long sleeve shirt or t-shirt. The added bonus being that if need be you can throw on another top.

The vest top is a great choice and with some great style choices from the plain and simple to some rather funky designs. For the women the popular backless top is a great option, this style has been making the rounds and we have to say it one of our favourite. Guys wear vest tops to and these simple garments are great for when the hot weather really take hold, with most gents going for plain and simple colours you could mix it up with something more adventurous.