Should I Take My Tent Home After a Festival?

When it comes to packing away after a festival we know its a big pain in the arse. You’ve spent the weekend dancing around to your favourite bands and on your last night you might have a had a little too much to drink. When the morning arrives and its time to clear out of the festival site the idea of cleaning up is probably far from your mind, but please don’t let this stop you from doing your part.

Should I Take My Tent Home After a Festival?

Its surprising that this question comes up but here we are. We absolutely understand your reluctance to bring your tent home with you, I mean you’ve spent the weekend in it, its dented, covered in beer and has seen better days but please don’t just leave it for the festival organisers to clean up. In most cases tents are perfectly fine for using again and any that look a little frayed around the edges can be made usable with a little care and attention.

First off the idea that using something like a tent which is meant to be reused again and again for a one time use is just crazy, you wouldn’t wear your festival clothing once and then just throw it away so don’t do it with your tent. Yes it might take a little time to take down and yes they never fit back into the damn bag they came in but, there is no need to leave a perfectly good tent just because you can’t be arsed. Worse still is to think it’s funny to burn that tent (yep I witnessed this one year at a festival).

We’ve become quite the throwaway society. It seems that many people find it just easier to buy cheap shit and then throw it away after one use. This is doing our planet no good and is harming the future of our festival scene.

Festivals have become a dumping ground for waste that could and should be leaving with the festival goers who brought the items to the site. Each year festivals have to spend weeks and untold sums of money tidying waste left by thoughtless festivals attendees, with tents being right at at the top of the list for the most left item.

Tents give us freedom don’t f@#k that up

These wonderful items that give us the chance to sleep in fields and forests while connecting more with nature have in fact become a symbol of waste and destruction as people just leave them instead of reusing them. It is our responsibility as festival goers to make sure that to the best of our ability we leave the festival as we found it, this means bringing home anything that we took to the site. Of course there are recycling centres throughout most festivals so things like used cans, plastic bottles etc can be binned correctly and then recycled. But large items like tents, trolleys, rucksacks etc should always come off site and be either reused or recycled where possible.

Why you should take your tent home after a festival

With tents being hard to recycle many just end up in landfill when in fact they could go back in your garage and be used again next year. It seems so ridiculous to throw away something that does have a chance at being used again. Even if your tent is in a bad way after the festival then it is still your responsibly to remove that tent and
dispose of correctly.

Leaving a tent means the festival has to clean up your mess, this results in items being thrown away when they can be reused. It also means that items can sit on land used by cattle and could result in contamination, tent pegs might get missed during the clean up and these can also cause issues. Many festivals struggle to cope with the shear quantity of tents left with other festivals donating tents to charities or recycling wherever possible.

So Should I Take My Tent Home After a Festival? Yes you should, use it again, recycle it or just dispose of it yourself. A festival is not a rubbish dump and so anything you take with you should leave with you.

Thankfully with many festivals highlighting this issue more and more people are now starting to see that taking their tent home is a good idea. Some people have found ingenuous ways to recycle their festival tent like creating clothing or just fixing up any issues and reusing again next year.

Should I Take My Tent Home After a Festival?

Where can I donate my tent

Donating your tent to youth groups like Scouts, Guides, Air,Sea and Army Cadets, or local schools could be a good place to start. Your local homeless organisations are a good place to look as they always need help along with charity shops. Just make sure your tent is in good working order as none of these places want to dispose of your rubbish for you.