Wool Jumpers

Wool Jumpers

Festival Wool Jumpers

Festival-Wool-JumpersWhen it comes to wool clothing our collection of festival wool jumpers are pretty excellent even if we do say so ourselves. Handmade in Nepal from top quality New Zealand lambs wool our range of wool jumpers are stylish, colourful as well as warm and cosy.

Each jumper is hand knitted by a dedicated team of crafts people who spend their days knocking out jumpers while chatting about the world.

If you’re looking to stay warm this winter and weren’t sure what to go with then we would recommend a nice woollen jumper. Compared to a full blown wool jacket a jumper is lighter easy to throw on and just looks great, they really complement your festival clothing collection.

Did I see Alpaca Jumpers?

That’s right you did. The guys over in Peru have created some super warm and cosy alpaca wool and acrylic mixed jumpers that are not only warm but look super great.

Our wool jumpers are suitable for men and women from all walks of life.  If you’re looking for winter clothing to not only look great to help keep you warm then one of these is for you.