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Wool Jackets

Festival Wool Jackets

Festival Wool JacketsFestival wool jackets are such a great way to keep warm when you are out and about. Not only does the wool keep you warm but, to top it off and make it even better, we have added some fleece lining for you. The fleece lining really does make a difference at keeping the heat in and the cold out.

Wool is a wonderful material which is used mostly for its heat retaining Wool Festival Jacket - Hooded Snowflake Jacketproperties. This is why our jackets make wonderful replacements for regular jackets. The fleece lining used is polar fleece which is a man made synthetic fleece.

Because everyone is unique and individual, it is only natural what we all have different tastes. As a result of this we like to ensure that you have plenty of choice when it comes to festival clothing.

Pixie Hooded Wool Jacket Back - CategoryWe have bright patterned jackets, tie dye jackets and toned down neutral coloured jackets. Some have zips where others have toggles and some are of a pullover style.
Hoods are also somewhat of a case of taste. For those who like regular hoods we of course have those but, for those who like something a little more magical we have the pixie hood!

With a great range of styles, designs,colours and an array of sizes, we really do have your winter clothing wardrobe sorted when it comes to festival wool jackets. Don’t forget we also have a wide range of other wool clothing perfect for the winter season.