Wool Hats

Wool Hats

Festival Wool Hats

Festival-Wool-HatsWhen it comes to winter clothing one of the best items for keeping warm has to be the festival wool hat. You lose about 7% of your body heat through your head so it’s always a good idea to cover up when the temperature drops, especially if you have no hair. Wearing a wool hat will not only keep you nice and toasty but with so many funky styles for you to choose from you’ll also look pretty awesome as well.

-Over the ear: This hats are made with fleece lining and are great at keeping your ears warm as they come with flaps that cover your ears.

-Traditional bobble hats: These festival wool hats are based on the popular bobble hat. Fleece lining can be found on the inside and the outside is normally a fun and funky pattern.

-Other: We also have a great range of other wool hats including our peaked range, dreadlock style and Mohawk range.

When it comes to staying warm this festival season make sure your festival clothing includes a nice and warm hat from our wool clothing collection.