Wool Gloves and Wrist Warmers

Wool Gloves and Wrist Warmers

Festival Wool Gloves and Wrist Warmers

Festival-Wool-Gloves-Wrist-WarmersWhen it comes to keeping warm during those cold winter months nothing keeps those hands warm like a nice pair of wool gloves. Wool gloves have been keeping hands warm for many a year and there is good reason behind this long term winter fashion. Wool is naturally good at keeping the heat in and so coupled with a nice layer of fleece lining you’re sure to have a nice warm pair of hands.

With a selection of different styles including mittens, fingerless and the popular wrist warmers you can choose the gloves that best suit your needs.

-Fingerless gloves are perfect for people who like to use their fingers when in colder environments. The tops of the fingers are exposed and so do get a little cold but you if you plan to use your fingers then these gloves give you that option.

-The wrist warmer is good at keeping the bottom part of your hand warm as well as the wrist but gives you full use of the hand. Great for warehouse packers who need to use their hand.

-The mitten is a great glove for people who want to cover the whole hand. This glove helps keep the whole hand warm by covering the tips of the fingers as well as the rest of the hand

Wool clothing is one of the best types of winter clothing you can buy. It has great thermal properties that help keep the cold at bay. The other fantastic bonus of this festival clothing is the great array of colours and styles that can be created from knitted items.