Wool Clothing

Wool Clothing

Festival Wool Clothing

Festival Wool ClothingWith our range of festival wool clothing the cold days just became a lot more bearable. Just because it is toe curling freezing out there doesn’t mean that you have to become dull and boring. Make the cold days and nights bright and colourful but, most importantly, make them warm.


It is a natural material that can come from a variety of animals. Most Festival Wool Jumperscommonly however, it comes from sheep. There are many properties that makes it so great for making festival clothing from. Not only can it be dyed easily die to its high absorbency, it also cleans up so very well. The most important factor about it though is that it insulates against the cold. As a result of this, not only will you look great but will be toasty warm too!

Our Range

Festival Wool Clothing - Scarves and SnoodsBecause we love wool and its soft and snuggly qualities we have a great big collection here for you at Festival Clothing Co. Just for added extra warmth, much of our festival wool clothing range has been fleece lined.

We have jackets and jumpers  to add style and colour to your winter wardrobe, hats to keep your head and ears free from windchill, fleece lined gloves to stop your fingers from falling off and even have fleece lined socks for you. To complete your collection we also have some beautiful scarves and snoods for you to choose from. Whatever you’re need we have some great winter clothing perfect to help keep the cold at bay.