Festival-WaistcoatsFestival Waistcoats

Our fantastic a range of handmade waistcoats are perfect when it comes to looking good at your favourite festival. These waistcoats are even perfect for weddings, smart nights out or matching with a t-shirt and some funky trousers. With a great range in various sizes we are sure to have you covered.

What goes with a waistcoat?

Our festival waistcoats are made to brighten up any outfit and work really well with most occasions. Don’t just think about using these items as smart undercoats to dressed up events as they are worth so much more than that. Here are a few examples of what goes with one of our festival waistcoats:

-For the smart causal look you can throw on a pair of jeans, a smart shirt (I normally go with white) and then a waistcoat of your choice. This just makes the shirt and jeans come together to create something that is a little nicer.Patchwork-Festival-Waistcoats

-For the smart look you can pair your chosen waistcoat with a smart suit, this not only adds another dimension to the suit as it really makes a difference in converting the outfit from office worker to smart guy (or girl). Our funky patterns and mix of interesting colours beats the hell out of those boring plain items you find on the high street.

-For the casual look that is perfect for festivals, or normal day to day living. Throw on a pair of our funky trousers, couple that with one of our funky shirts and then get your waistcoat on. You’ll look very bohemian which is a great look.

Striped-Festival-WaistcoatsIf in doubt get one on

With our festival clothing range offering a great selection of waistcoats consisting of striped, patchwork and printed patterned designs you sure have a great choice ahead of you. Waistcoats really do liven up any outfit. They also make a great talking point as well as fashion statement. So whether at a wedding or getting your freak on at a festival do it with a handmade waistcoat. You’ll thank me, I promise.