Recycled Sari Trousers

Recycled Sari Trousers

Recycled Sari Trousers

Recycled-Sari-Festival-TrousersWhen it comes to comfortable unique trousers these recycled sari trousers are spot on. Produced in India from recycled sari material these fantastic trousers are a great piece of festival clothing. Each of these trousers is handmade in India from recycled sari material, its rare you’ll find two that are the same as there are so many different designs found in the world of sari’s.

Recycled Sari

One of India’s most worn items of clothing is the traditional sari. This longPink-Recycled-Sari-Festival-Trousers garment is often made from expensive silk or man made material. The colours and patterns are often quite wild with pretty much anything a possibility when it comes to designs.

When these wonderful pieces of traditional clothing reach the end of their life due to part of the material becoming worn, holey or stained. The material is recycled so any damage can be cut out and something nice and new can be created.

It has become quiet an industry in India as the population is large and so the amount of garments that can be recycled is very large. So not only are these trousers great because they are recycled, they have also help create a whole new sector where workers are needed to create the new garments.


We love this item of clothing as it fits in with our ethos for helping to produce sustainable or recycled clothing. The material used in the production of these trousers has been cleaned, checked and then cut to remove any issues. This means most of the material can be reused and turned in to lovely festival clothing items like these wonderful trousers.

So if you love a comfortable, unique pair of festival trousers that have been created with love using recycled material then these are the perfect item for you. They already hold a story from when they were a sari, what story are they going to be able to tell after you have owned them as trousers?