Patchwork Harem Pants

Patchwork Harem Pants

    Festival Patchwork Harem Pants

    Festival Patchwork Harem PantsFestival patchwork harem pants are an absolute joy to wear. They can be worn by everyone as they are not gender specific. They look absolutely fantastic on anyone.

    One of the wonderful thing about patchwork harem trousers is that they are unique. Due to the nature of how they are made, you will never find 2 pairs that are exactly the same. When you wear a pair you will be truly different from anyone else. That is one of the reasons that we love festival clothing – you can be yourself!

    Two styles of Harem Pants:-

    Harem Ali Baba Trousers
    These trousers are the big baggy style trousers that almost resemble a skirt due to the large amount of material that joins the legs of the trousers.

    Normal Harem Trousers
    These harem style trousers are styled more like normal trousers however they have elasticated ankles.

    These harem pants are made with such attention to detail and are all handmade. Patches of funky quality cotton are chosen and then expertly stitched together to create to wonderful patchwork patterns that you can see in our store. Not only is the patchwork great but the style is too and the style is what makes them soooo comfy. Festival patchwork harem pants have a wonderfully low crotch to them. The low crotch allows freedom of movement which means you have very little restrictions. It’s got to be said that patchwork clothing really is great and these trousers don’t let it down.

    With a wide selection of festival trousers available you’ll be sure to find something that will look and feel great.