Patchwork Fleece Lined Trousers

Patchwork Fleece Lined Trousers

Patchwork Fleece Lined Festival Trousers

Patchwork Fleece Lined TrousersWelcome to our collection of patchwork fleece lined festival trousers. It is a rare thing to see fleece lined pants, especially ones that are unique. Due to the fact that they are patchwork, you will own a pair that no one else does. You will be the only person with that exact pair!

These pants are all handmade in Nepal. The Nepalese are very skilled dressmakers and so you can be sure of not only quality materials but excellent workmanship.
Each pair is made from patches of different coloured cotton. Some patches are plain and others feature some funky printed patters. The different patches are all sewn together in random arrangements to make the fantastic patchwork fleece lined festival trousers that you see here in our festival clothing store. Patchwork clothing really is great due to the uniqueness that is created during the production process.

Available in so many different colours and in 4 different sizes, there are lots for you to choose from.
Suitable for both men and women, they look great on everyone.
Perfect for those cold days and nights.

These trousers go great with a nice casual short sleeve top, one of our funky Mexican Jergas or a poncho.

Don’t forget we have great range of festival trousers ranging from the bright and colourful to the more subtler plain for people who like comfort but want a little toned down wardrobe.