Harem Pants

Harem Pants

Festival Harem Pants

Festival Harem PantsFestival harem pants make for a wonderful addition to any festival goers wardrobe. Originally designed for the ladies, these fabulous low crotch trousers are now well worn and loved by everyone. They look amazing on everyone!

They are so versatile that they can even be worn as a play-suit where the waistband is thick enough. Just pull them up and away you go! However you decide to wear them they will look great!

Harem Pants Origins

The harem ali baba that we know today have been adaptedFestival Harem Pants - Elephant Ali Baba Pants somewhat from the originals first created in the 1900s. Created in Paris by fashion pioneer Paul Poiret – the idea actually came from the Middle East. Folk in the Middle East has been wearing something very similar for many, many years. They are based on the Turkish version called Salvar.

Modern Designs

As always happens, over the years styles get adapted. Thankfully, these have been adapted many times. Adapted so as to make these wonderfully comfortable trousers.

Festival Harem Pants - Play SuitHere at The Festival clothing Company, ali baba harem pants are some of our absolute favourites. Because they are so comfortable and airy, they are perfect during the warmer days. They are also great during the winter too, just pop another pear of lightweight trousers underneath. They are so baggy, as a result,  no one will notice.

We have many designs and colours for you to choose from so why not, dare yourself to be different. Add a pair of these funky festival trousers to your collection now.