Acrylic Trousers

Acrylic Trousers

Acrylic Festival Trousers

Acrylic Festival TrousersAcrylic festival trousers are wonderful to wear because they are so soft and warm. Made from the same material as our acrylic blankets, they are the perfect trousers for cold days.

Although they are much favoured by the ladies, they are well loved by everyone.

Although these pants help to keep you warm in the cooler weather surprisingly they are not too hot when worn in the sun. They won’t keep you as cool as say our rayon ones but, you won’t melt.

There material that they are made from is patterned which means that they look great too. There are lots of different patterns and colours for you to choose from and different styles too.

We have straight leg with elasticated ankles for comfort and, we have some really funky acrylic harem pants. There is no need to sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to our festival clothing.

If these great looking trousers are not up your ally then we have a great selection of other festival trousers that are sure to float your boat.