Tie Dye Clothing

Tie Dye Clothing

Tie-Dye-Cotton-Festival-T-Shirt-SmileyTie Dye Clothing

You can’t go to a festival without seeing some tie dye clothing as it really is the one thing that stands the test of time. Tie dye is always unique, generally bright, colourful and always brings a smile to peoples faces.

What options are there?

When it comes to tie dye clothing there are just so many choices, well there are at The Festival Clothing Company because we love bright and colourful clothing.


The tie dye t-shirt is probably the most iconic of tie dye clothing. Worn by the hippies in the 60’s this item of clothing was often made at home by the wearer. This not only saved on costs but also meant that you could create your own colour combination and patterns. All our t-shirts are hand dyed and completely unique. The vest tops that we sell also follow this same ethos of handmade and unique. This means that you can have an item of clothing that will not be found in anyone else’s wardrobe, which we have to say is great. This of course goes for all the clothing in this category and with most of the clothing we sell throughout the website.

Tie-Dye-Patchwork-TrousersTrousers and Shorts

When the idea of tie dye first hit many people didn’t look much further than their tops, we are not sure why this is but maybe they just thought tops were just a good place to start and never thought of going further. Nowadays if you can wear it we can dye it. This means that a great range of shorts and trousers has been born and tie dyed in bright and colourful colours. You don’t need to wear a full outfit of tie dye as we find that the contrast makes the one piece stand out. With trousers and shorts as another option you can decide whether you’d prefer to brighten your top or bottoms. Of course you could go all in and just have the whole outfit but it takes a brave person to commit to this.

Dresses and SkirtsTie-Dye-Festival-Dresses

If you are looking at wearing a nice flowing piece of clothing then we think a skirt or dress could be the choice for you. These garments are light and airy and perfect for summer days or evenings out on the town With some fashionable and rather funky tie dye dresses and skirts you are sure to turn some faces at your next festival, summer holiday or night out.

Tie-Dye-clothingTie Dye Clothing is the Best!

Tie dye clothing really is the festival clothing of choice; it’s always unique, it’s usually bright and colourful, and when people are at a festival they just love to wear clothing that is individual. Who wants to bump into another person wearing the same clothing when you’ve tried so hard to be unique? So it doesn’t matter if your male or female, young or old, tie dye clothing is great for everyone.