Festival Skirts

Festival Skirts

Festival Skirts

Festival SkirtsFestival skirts are an item of festival clothing that can be worn all year round. Come rain or shine a skirt is suitable attire day in and day out.
Most often worn by the ladies, all depending on how you like to dress, they are suitable for all genders. They can be worn by everyone!

Our Collection

Whatever your style, we have festival skirts to suit all tastes. Long, short and mid-length. Bright and bold or plain and neutral. We even have various shapes, some even designed to look like trousers because they look amazing.

Here are just a taste of the collections that we have to offer you;

Long Wrap Skirts

These are fantastic items that are just one length of material. They are Festival Skirts - Printed Wrap Skirtswrapped around the body and then tied off to keep them in place. As a result of this design, it means that although they come as one size, they can be worn by a variety of sizes. Because of this, they are very popular.
Some are warmer than others as some are made from a lightweight rayon material and others from a warmer cotton. Both materials however, make for wonderful wearing.

Available in a variety of colours and styles.

Short Skirts with Elastic Waists

Festival SkirtsMuch like our printed wrap, these are very popular because they are able to fit more than one size. This is due to their elasticated nature.
Available in long and short length and in a plethora of styles.
The pixie style ragged hem skirts are very well loved.

The weather matters not when you are wearing one of your favourite festival skirts. The summer time is amazing however, if it is cold and raining then the answer is simple – just pop on a pair of festival trousers or tights underneath and pair with some nice chunky boots.