Long-Orange-Cotton-Festival-ShortsFestival Shorts

Shorts are a great way to keep cool during hot weather. This means whether you are enjoying a fine summers day in your home country or off on holiday to a nice hot destination, the one thing you must have is at least one pair of funky festival shorts. Well thanks to The Festival Clothing Company you can get the perfect pair of shorts and know that you are going to look good.

Men’s Choice

Having a great pair of shorts is a must when it comes to relaxing on a hot day. Most men like longer versions that head towards knee length or longer. With our selection from Nepal and Thailand we offer some great handmade choices that are light, airy and comfortable. Coupled with the fact that many of these garments have pockets, draw strings and elasticated waist bands means they are also very practical as well as suitable for many size groups.

Women’s Choicewomens-Festival-Shorts

Women like a nice choice in shorts as there are women who prefer short shorts and women who like the longer versions. No need to worry as we cater for everyone with a great selection. From our short Bali items which just cover the bum to longer Thai and Nepalese garments that are longer in length and cover your modesty. It’s no surprise that women also love to wear the men’s clothing which makes the women’s collection even bigger.

From cotton to rayon we offer a great selection of handmade festival shorts for both men and women, with a variety of styles and cuts perfect for festival season. From long to short, from bright to plain and from men’s to women’s we have a selection that is sure to keep you cool throughout your summer.