Embroidery Vest Tops

Embroidery Vest Tops

Embroidery Festival Vest Tops

Festival-Embroidery-Vest-TopsIf like us you like completely unique items of festival clothing then you’re in the right place. We are very dedicated to providing unique handmade clothing and these fantastic Embroidery Festival Vest Tops as no exception.

Made from a stretchy cotton material each embroidery vest top is then carefully hand finished with beautiful embroidery work. This work includes such things as flowers, butterflies, petals and carefully cut ripped looks effect.

The craft person is given a basic layout of what is expected but it is left to them to select the colours that go well with the base colour of the vest top. This means that the artist is left to themselves and will create a completely unique item each time.

What’s super great about these Embroidery Vest Tops is that the embroidery work is made using pieces of material known as off cuts. These would normally be thrown away. However when it comes to embroidery work they find a new lease of life and so save on waste material. This is great for helping cut down on waste within the clothing industry and also ends up creating a pretty stunning clothing item at the same time.

We are positive when it comes to great womens festival clothing these tops hit the spot.