Festival ShrugsFestival-Shrugs

Shrugs are a great way to jazz up any outfit. Whether you just need something to add a little warmth or are looking for something to smarten up your outfit The Festival Clothing Company can help. Shrugs really are the perfect choice for adding style in a simple and elegant way.

Single Knit Bali Shrug

Single-Knit-Bali-Festival-ShrugsOur most popular festival shrug is the single Bali knit. This loose knit top comes in a variety of colours. Due to its stretchy nature it is great for fitting many size ranges. These tops are perfect for wearing on the beach over a bikini or over a dress for an evening meal. These shrugs really can turn an outfit into something special with little effort and a very reasonable price tag to boot. For a more causal look you can pair these with a vest top and jeans or a skirt of your choice.

Acrylic ShrugsFestival-Acrylic-Shrugs

Sometimes its nice to have something that you can throw over an outfit to get a little warmth. Shrugs are the perfect option for this. With our acrylic variety you’ll not only have something that helps keep you a little warmer on those chilly nights but you’ll also have something that adds colour and style. Handmade from a soft feel acrylic material. These garments are perfect for wearing over most tops and pairing with a pair of jeans or a skirt.

This versatile piece of clothing really can be used in so many ways and with so many outfits. The option to tie or leave open really means you are in control of how the item is worn.