Collarless Grandad Shirts

Collarless Grandad Shirts

Festival Collarless Grandad Shirts

Striped-Festival-Grandad-ShirtsThe collarless grandad shirt is one of the most iconic and by far the most popular male festival shirt out there. These shirts have been worn at festivals since they first made an appearance back in the 60’s.

These easy going casual collarless shirts have always struck a cord with people who like their festival clothing. The reasons for this are simple; these shirts are light weight, can be worn as a smart or causal outfit. Being available in many colours and sizes make them accessible to many people. The price is a great help as well as these Nepalese collarless grandad shirts won’t break the bank.

Why are grandad shirts so versatile?Festival-Grandad-Shirt-Male

These firm festival favourites go with pretty much any outfit. The guys wear them with funky festival trousers, jeans or shorts. The ladies wear them with skirts, shorts or under dungarees. Due to the light cotton material they dry nice and easily. You can roll up the sleeves during warmer days and then when the sun sets you can roll them down again gaining a bit of warmth. They can be tied around your waist as emergency clothing for later or rolled into a small bundle and placed in a small bag.

Did you say anyone can wear a grandad shirt?

Hell yes. Men and women alike can enjoy the these wonderful collarless grandad shirts to their hearts content. These festival shirts are designed in a way that perfectly complements both men and women. This is one of the reasons to why these grandad shirts still remain to popular.

These striped collarless grandad shirts are perfect all year around. This is because they can be taken on beach holidays or holidays to warmer destinations. They can be rolled into a small shape to make carrying easier. During winter months they work great as an under layer. Festival clothes really are a great way to express yourself and these shirts look great and feel amazing to wear.