Long Sleeve Tie Dye Tops

Long Sleeve Tie Dye Tops

Long Sleeve Tie Dye Festival Tops

Long Sleeve Tie Dye Festival TopsWelcome to our range of bright, colourful and ever so funky long sleeve tie dye festival tops. Tie dye and festival clothing go hand in hand. You will see these types of long sleeve t-shirts across the globe.

These festival shirts are made from a nice soft feel cotton. This means that you will want to wear them whenever you can. Perfect for staying and home and chilling out, great for days when you are out and about and, amazing for taking with you to your favourite festival. They can be rolled up nice and small so you really can take then anywhere with you.

They are made from the same stretchy cotton as our short sleeved tie dye t-shirts. These however are more suited to the slightly colder days when there is just too much of a chill for bare skin.

We have such an extensive range here for you which we are often adding to. Each long sleeve top has complete tie dye coverage. They are all handmade which means that each and every one is unique. You won’t find 2 that are the exactly same however hard you try.

Handmade in Thailand where they are experts at making these long sleeve tie dye festival tops. Skilled dressmakers who are clearly very skilled at dying as these t’s look great.

Suitable for all genders, these tops are available in 6 different sizes and lots of different colour combinations. You can choose classic bright colouring  featuring lots of light colours or you can go for something a little bit different and go for blacks and purples. So, as you can see we have colours to suit everyone.