Patchwork Overdyed Hooded Tops

Patchwork Overdyed Hooded Tops

Patchwork Overdyed Festival Hooded Tops

Patchwork Overdyed Hooded TopsWelcome to our range of patchwork overdyed festival hooded tops.
Hooded tops are a popular piece of festival clothing. Even more so when they are patchwork. We have found that folk love patchwork. What we have also found is that people love comfort too. So, we have combined the two to bring you these amazing hooded shirts.

Hand made in Nepal from quality jersey style cotton, each top has a hood and a kangaroo pocket. The hoods are great for keeping the back of your neck and your head warm while the kangaroo pocket is a great little hand warmer. The pockets can also be used for the regular purpose of storing things that you would usually pop in a pocket.

Each of these patchwork overdyed festival hooded tops are comprised of different patches of material which have been sewn together. Some of the patches are plain, some are striped and others have funky printed patterns on. Some of the patches have then been overdyed to created the great effect that you can see in our range.

Any of these great tops which are available in 3 different sizes will look great with a pair of festival trousers or even a skirt. Festival shirts are a great way to really jazz up your outfit, these hooded tops are a great example.