Hooded Patchwork Kangaroo Pocket Tops

Hooded Patchwork Kangaroo Pocket Tops

Hooded Patchwork Kangaroo Pocket Festival Tops

The Festival Clothing CompanyHooded Patchwork Kangaroo Pocket Tops welcomes you to our collection dedicated to our awesome hooded patchwork kangaroo pocket festival tops.
These long sleeve tops are a popular range all year round. Patchwork is a real favourite amongst festival folk, pop a hood on it and it is even better.

Patchwork Origins

The patchwork method has been around for rather a long time. Earliest examples that have been recorded were found in an Egyptian tomb around 5000 years ago. Around the same time, evidence was also found in China.

The early middle ages also show evidence that the technique was being used. It was often used in the making of armour. Layers were made to keep soldiers both safe and warm.
Since these times, across the globe, patchwork has become very popular. The technique is used for so many things. Tapestries, quilting and making wonderful festival clothing for the likes of you and me.
This is an art that will be around for centuries to come.

Our Range

These patchwork hooded shirts have all been handmade in Nepal from 100% cotton. As you can see, each shirt has been made from colourful patches which have been adorned with printed patterns. Once the desired colour combinations have been worked out, the shirts are then sewn together. We have at least 6 main colour combinations that are available in 4 different sizes.

These festival shirts look great on both males and females and can be worn with almost anything.
For those of you not too keen on hoods, we do have these great hooded patchwork kangaroo pocket tops available without the hood as our with our grandad shirts.