Hooded Shirts & Tops

Hooded Shirts & Tops

Festival Hooded Shirts & Tops

Festival-Hooded-Shirts-and-TopsThe Festival Clothing Company have a great range of festival Hooded Shirts and tops. Many of which are handmade in Nepal from patchwork cotton material or a striped cotton material.

Each shirt is handmade with uniqueness in mind ensuring that each shirt is never the same as another. This is one thing that we have always prided ourselves on. Our customers love the fact that they will never have the exact same top as another person. We always hope to keep things this way as we also love being able to provide unique clothing.

Our two most popular shirts are the multicoloured hooded tops that comeFestival-Hooded-Shirts-&-Tops-Patchwork-Overdyed in funky multicoloured patches with a nice kangaroo pocket and printed artwork. And the over dyed patchwork hooded tops, these festival shirts come as two tone colours offering a top in a particular colour group. These festival shirts are popular due to the comfy elasticated wrist and bottom hem.

As with many of our clothing products these tops are suitable for both men and women although they are more popular among the men.