Festival Sarongs

Here at The Festival Clothing Company we understand that when it comes to beach holidays and summer sun,  a sarong can be your best friend. With our great selection of designs and a varied array of colours to suit your mood you are sure to find the right wrap. These easy to use garments are perfect for men and women when wanting something to just wrap up in. Sarongs help with covering up but keeping cool, and all at the same time.

What is a sarong?

festival-beach-wrap-sarong-exampleA sarong is a simple piece of funky patterned thin material that can be folded in different ways so it can be worn as a dress, or a wrap.

The sides of most sarong wraps tend to have tassels, they are made this way due to the way in which the material is cut to produce the item. Tying off the split ends makes for a great design and means the item doesn’t need any needle work to finish.

Who can wear a sarong?

Our festival beach sarongs are perfect for both men and women.festival-beach-sarong-example

Men tend to just wrap the item around their waist and tie. Where as women have come up with many different ways to wear this item with the ‘around the neck’ and ‘wrap around waist’ methods being the most used.

Don’t think that you are restricted to where you can wear these great looking sarongs. They are great for around the home, at festivals, on beach holidays or as a dress you could wear out and about.