Festival Ponchos

Festival Ponchos

Festival Ponchos

Festival PonchosFestival ponchos are an absolute essential when it comes to staying warm. Whether you are at your favourite festival or having a bonfire in the back garden, a nice poncho will help you to keep toasty and cozy. Just pop it over your head and aaaah, instant loveliness.

What is a PonchoFestival Ponchos - Hooded Festival Poncho

Essentially it is a garment designed to keep your body warm which you pop  over the top of any other clothing that you are wearing. With no armholes, they have only an opening for the head. The material is draped over the body. Some will have hoods and others not depending on the style.
Originating in use by the Native Americans, ponchos have been so well received that they are now loved all across the globe.

Our Range

Because we know everyone is different we try to reflect that in our collection here at Festival Clothing Co. We do this by creating a range full of many styles and colours for you to choose from.

Acrylic Festival Ponchos

Acrylic Festival PonchosLightweight and wonderful, these acrylic festival ponchos are a great alternative way of staying warm without carrying around anything too heavy. They may be light but don’t be fooled, they are lovely and warming. They come in a fantastic variety of style and colours too!


When people think of acrylic they often think of something hard but, in Acrylic Festival Poncho - Hooded Ponchothis case it is quite the contrary. The acrylic used for our festival clothing is the same as we use for our blankets. As a result, they come out beautifully soft and snuggly.

Acrylic is also known as cashmelon and is a man made synthetic fibre. This means that our acrylic festival ponchos are 100% Vegan.  This fibre is used mainly for things like jumpers, tops, blanket and lining for socks and gloves because of its strength and warmth.

 Festival Poncho - Category - Hooded Diamond PonchoOur acrylic ponchos are all handmade and come from India and Nepal. Some are the classic drape shape and others diamond shaped. Some come with hoods and others not, it all depends on the style that you  choose. Plain, patterned or embroidered, you could have one for every month of the year and then some.



Festival Cotton Ponchos

Festival Cotton Ponchos - Thick Weave PoncoFestival Clothing Co welcomes you to our range of festival cotton ponchos.
Made from a lovely thick cotton, you can be sure to stay nice and warm wearing on of these beauties.

Wear them inside to snuggle on the sofa or outside by a fire or with friends and you wont regret it. Non restrictive and warm. What’s not to like?!

Keeping Warm

In addition to the lovely and soft brushed cotton, each poncho has a nice Cotton Festival Poncho - Being Worn by Malebig hood that you can pull up when you feel the chill starting to creep in. The hood will keep the back of your neck and your head warm. Great when paired with a nice wool hat for added snug! Because we know how important it is to keep your hands warm too, all of our festival cotton ponchos have a fab Kangaroo pocket on the front. Just pop your hands in along with any other bits and pieces that you want to keep in there.

As well as the above, there are also lovely wooden toggles on the front of each festival poncho that can be undone to allow a little extra air through on the chest or, can be buttoned tight.
If the flowing look is not quite your thing then there are ties under each arm that you can well, tie. This will give some extra added security to the garment and will make it a little less loose.