Patchwork Hats

Patchwork Hats

Patchwork Festival Hats

Patchwork-Festival-HatsWhen it comes to staying cool and keeping that hot summer sun from your head nothing helps better than a nice patchwork hat. Well it doesn’t have to be patchwork but we think that they look great and standout as unique which is a big plus in our book.

Patchwork hats! Whats’s that all about?

Here at The Festival Clothing Company we love patchwork clothing. For us it really speaks volumes for the festival clothing scene as every item is different which means you’ll never bump into someone at a festival wearing the exact same item of clothing as you.  Our range of patchwork hats embody this principle by providing our customers with a great choice in sun protection with the added bonus of being unique every time.

What Styles do we have?Thai-Patchwork-Festival-Rim-Hat

Don’t you worry as we have a great selection for both men and women. Ranging from our popular floppy sun hats that the women just love as they include a nice big brim to help protect you from the sun. To our ever popular festival favourite the Thai rim hat which comes in bright and funky materials ready to funk up your festival kit.

festival-clothing-hemp-hatSo if you are looking for a fun, funky and very unique patchwork hat to help keep the sun out your eyes or off your head. Or maybe you are just looking for something a little different that stands out, then we think our collection will help you on your way.