Patchwork Dungarees

Patchwork Dungarees

Patchwork Festival Dungarees

Patchwork-Festival-DungareesDungarees have been around in one form or another for a fair few years now, with Americans calling them overalls and us Brits sticking to the term dungarees. Our range of patchwork dungarees add a new twist to the continuing use of these fantastic items of festival clothing.

Why Patchwork?Patchwork-Festival-Om-Dungarees

As with many items in our clothing range we have gone down the road of offering a patchwork version. Patchwork clothing is a big thing in the festival clothing world. The reason behind this is simple; patchwork is unique which means that every time you purchase a piece of clothing made in this way you are sure to have a great item that no one else has. Uniqueness is a big thing when it comes to our range of clothing as we want people to be able to express themselves the best way they can.

Dungarees are a great item of clothing for when it comes time to relaxing. These one piece clothing items are so comfortable to wear that you won’t want to take yours off.

The hippies loved them in the 60’s and people went made for them in the 80’s with bands adopting them as part of their look, which the general public then took up with open arms.  Dungarees never went away, they just got better with age and our patchwork versions are a big testament to this.
Patchwork Dungarees come in many different styles and sizes which means that you have a  great choice waiting for you here at The Festival Clothing Company.