Patchwork Clothing

Patchwork Clothing

Patchwork Clothing

Patchwork-Festival-ClothingWhen it comes to patchwork clothing we like to think we have you covered. Here at The Festival Clothing Company we understand that need to be individual. When it comes to clothing nothing says “I’m unique” more than patchwork clothing. Using this kind of material means that every item is always going to be unique. This is due to the simple fact that the same colour or pattern are very unlikely to ever be placed in the exact same place on the item of clothing. With the use of hand printed patterns as well as different coloured patches of material you are always guaranteed a completely individual item.

Why Patchwork Clothing is great for the Producer

When it comes to off cuts our producers are always trying to find new ways to use these often forgot but perfectly good pieces of material. No longer do off cuts need to be wastefully thrown away. If the garments are carefully cut in the first place the seamstress is able to then keep any off cuts to use in things like patchwork material. This is great for a more sustainable waste free business and means you really get the most out of the material. Not all off cuts are large enough for patchwork clothing designs so they are used for embroidery detail instead. Either way less is thrown away and more is used to produce the wonderful clothing we sell.

What Patchwork Clothing do we sell?Om-Patchwork-Ali-Baba-Harem-Pants-Example

When it comes to clothing we love variety, the reason behind this is simple; we’d rather you had too much to choose from than too little. This means that our collection consists of many styles and sizes.

With a great selection of trousers that consist of fleece lined, harem and standard trouser styles. We also have some great patchwork shirts which use the popular collarless grandad style. To complete the shirt selection we also offer a hooded variety that comes complete with hood and kangaroo pocket.

Patchwork-Festival-Grandad-Shirt-MaleWe don’t just stop there though as we also offer some fantastic patchwork waistcoats that are all unique and perfect for festivals, weddings or evenings out. They can smarten up any outfit or are just perfect for creating a unique look with comfy trousers and a t-shirt.

With a great selection of patchwork festival clothing for both men and women we are sure you will find the perfect piece of unique clothing that will look good and feel great.