Kids Festival Clothing

Kids Festival Clothing

Kids Festival Clothing

Kids-Orange-Striped-Ali-Baba-Harem-Festival-TrousersAt The Festival Clothing Company we understand that kids love to wear our funky clothes as well. So with that in mind we started to put together a range of kids festival clothing.

Like all things that are new we have started small with our kids range and hope to grow as we receive more interest and of course find more great clothes to add to the collection.

What kids sizes do we offer?

So we have three main size categories that offer clothing from age 2 up to approximately age 8. We understand that your little one may not fit into a category quite so easily and so as with all our adult clothing we also provide the laid flat measurements so you can compare against clothing you own.

What kind of kids clothing do we offer?Kids-Rainbow-Hooded-Festival-Jacket

Festival clothing looks great on kids. Lets face it the little guys look pretty awesome in this get up and so its no wonder people want to find different styles to get their kids looking cool for the next festival.

With a wee selection of funky trousers, unique hooded jackets and wonderful dungarees we have started to help with getting your wee ones ready to hit the next festival.

We already have new items on order and ready to hit the shelves soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more funky looking tops, jackets and trousers that will help your little ones look great all year round. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked where you get your children’s clothing from as these threads are awesome and are sure to stand out in the crowd.

We think its great to wear clothing that is different to your normal run of the mill stuff. Getting little people into unique clothing from a young age teaches diversity and uniqueness which are great qualities to have.