Kaftan | Kaftan Dress

Kaftan | Kaftan Dress

Festival Kaftan

Cotton Festival Kaftan Women ExampleKaftans are a fantastic bit of festival clothing. These long and airy dress style garments are worn by men and women alike. With various styles some of which suit both sexes as well as styles aimed more at women.

What is a kaftan?

A kaftan is a one piece item of clothing that is often referred to as a dress. They come in both long and short varieties as well as many different styles. The kaftan is worn all over the world but predominately in places where the weather is warm. This is because the garment is nice and flowing and so helps circulate air around the body due to the loose fitting style. Places like India and Africa are known for their kaftan styles.

What kaftans do you stock?


Our most popular range hails from Thailand where a nice cotton material is cut and sewn to produce a long kaftan. The material used comes in various patterns ranging from bright and bold to quite intricate. The great thing about this style of kaftan dress is they are perfect for men and women.
We also offer a great range of shorter kaftans produced in Bali, they are aimed intentionally at women however some guys are happy with the shorter styles. These shorter version are made using a nice soft light weight rayon material and so fold or roll up into a small shape for fitting in a small bag.

When can I wear these?

With these dresses perfect for wearing around the house, on a beach holiday, at your favourite festival or dare I say it at a fancy dress. Wherever you decide to wear this fantastic piece of clothing you’re sure to feel comfortable.